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Delivering your message to the hand of the consumer

Proximity mobile phone advertising with real-time consumer analytics

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Closing the digital loop between mobile devices, digital signs and consumers

Advertising outreach that changes the way businesses look at marketing 

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Making advertising campaigns accountable in real time

Delivering metrics through iSIGN's Backoffice for analysis and increased ROI

iSIGN Media Corp.

iSIGN Media Corp. is a Global leader in multiplatform location based messaging solutions that utilize Bluetooth, Mobile, WiFi and Location-Aware technologies to deliver permission-based consumer messaging in an innovative and cost effective way to engage shoppers at the point of sale. The resulting business intelligence and real time analytics, gathered through iSIGN's patented consumer awareness platform, deliver insights into emerging behaviors and profiles that help businesses measure their marketing and advertising efforts and make better informed decisions to increase sales, customer loyalty and ROI.

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iSIGN Media Partner

National Mobile Network

Visit our partner National Mobile Network for information on our 200 location Smart Antenna Installation!

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iSIGN Media Network Corp

Digital Signage Network

iSIGN's experienced team runs and services our digital network, one of the largest in North America with over 6,000 media systems in 1,400 stores and experiencing significant growth.
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iSIGN Media Store IQ

Supplying metrics and point of sale analysis

Building shopper insight in real time by collecting customer response data and providing statistics behind the sales allowing for the continuous improvement of advertising effectiveness.

Introduction to Proximity Marketing

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Introduction to Proximity Customer Loyalty

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Smart Antenna Overcomes
iBeacon Limitations

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iSIGN Partners

DAT Media
Baylor University
Keyser Retail Solutions
Graphic Media Inc
Verizon Wireless
POS Canada
Magnetic 3D