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IMS and SA solutions are based on a monthly licensing fee of 12 to 36 months for clients 

Licensing Options 

  1. Regional resellers can purchase exclusive territory and licensing rights. 
  2. Solutions are turnkey based on a monthly fee 
  3. All hardware is included with each licensing agreement 
  4. Cost effective monthly fees with no capital expenditures 

Retail Level Options

IMS Premium Edition

The Premium edition includes:

  • Summary reports that show the number of offer attempts categorized by result; success, fail, rejected and ignored. 

IMS Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe edition includes all of the Premium edition features plus:

  • Mobile phone reports that indentify the make and model and aide in demographic profiling.
  • Location comparison reports that account for the activity between multiple locations or areas within a location.
  • Offer comparison reports that provide statistical feedback to easily indentify and change poor performing advertisements.
  • Real-time communication with loyalty, point of sale (POS) and other systems.
  • The ability to access the raw data.

IMS Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate edition includes all of the features found in the Deluxe edition plus:

  • Digital Signage (DS), Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) and Kiosk application support. Both a content publisher and player license are included for distribution of DS, IDS and Kiosk screens to any number of platforms or digital engines. IDS and Kiosk usage statistics are also included within this edition (viewable from the iSIGN server) as is storage capabilities for loyalty data programs