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Priority Posts

Priority Posts

Priority Posts is a page for iSIGN to share important news, updates and articles with our clients, investors, shareholders and the public. Check back often for the most recent posts.

Push Sensor

With the recent completion of our filing for Push Sensor patent status, we are now able to discuss and present this exciting development with our resellers, clients and potential clients.  

The Push Sensor is a non-app and non-download system for integrating messaging and coupon solutions with Google Chrome and Apple Passbook, with additional integration for Google Wallet and Apple Pay expected when messaging/coupons drives purchasing, thus allowing for seamless interaction with all mobile devices, especially Smartphones, including iPhones. 

Please click anywhere on this post to see a short video on our newest development.

Crocker Park - Installations

The installation of the first 100 Smart Antennas at Crocker Park is currently underway.  Installation is being done in a systematic manner within a specific area of the site in order to minimize any possible disruption to Crocker Park's tenants and shoppers and to satisfy the necessary approval of city officials for the installations.

We would also like to draw your attention to the Crocker Park video on We Build Apps' home page -
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

Confirmation of approval for membership in the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries has been received.  Membership into this organization of over 800 companies from across Canada that provide innovative, world-class products and services, gives us access to services and business-building opportunities that will help to showcase iSIGN and its technology, as well as connect us to the Canadian Defence and Security community.

Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

iSIGN has been approached by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries ("CADIS") to join their organization.  This is an organization of over 800 companies from across Canada that provide innovative, world-class products and services needed for a modern, flexible force capable of defending Canada and Canadian interests.

Papa John's Update

Please click anywhere on this post for an article relating to Papa John's.

The use of SMS text messages by Papa John's and its franchisees in early 2016 resulted in this law suit being filed against them this past February.

We trust this article will give you an insight into why Papa John's is taking so long to decide on revisiting a proximity marketing trial using our Smart Antennas.  While we are not at liberty to release details relating to discussions with end clients, as this lawsuit is now in the public domain, we can reveal this one aspect of the delays.  This is an example of why concluding discussions with Papa John's is taking so long.

McDonald's Turns to Technology, Value to Win Back Lost Customers

Click anywhere on this post for an article about McDonald's Restaurants, written March 1, 2017.

We are on occasion asked about McDonald's plans to replace their drive-thru menu boards (kiosks) with digital screens enhanced with our technology.

As this article states, McDonald's US restaurants, that contribute about 40% of McDonald's overall operating income, have had 4 straight years of declining traffic.  It was McDonald's financial downturn that originally caused them to delay the purchase and installation of the digital drive-thru kiosks that were to be manufactured and installed by our partner, Keyser.  McDonald's franchisees were non-supportive of incurring a sizable (of which we were a small component of the total cost) given their declining revenues and profits.

We continue to regularly communicate with Keyser to discuss our technology and software development, such as the push sensor, which would appear to fit within McDonald's plans as mentioned in the article.  Keyser continues to maintain that the replacement of McDonald's drive-thrus will eventually take place.  In the meantime, Keyser is looking forward to the completion of the push sensor development.
RMT Shipment Update

RMT Shipment Update

Shipment of the first 100 Smart Antennas ordered by Rich Multimedia Technologies will be completed today.  These units will be installed into RMT's existing Tele-Direct Store Front Kiosks located in Denver's international airport.

This completes RMT's first purchase order for Smart Antennas to commence the retrofit program of RMT's over 300 existing Kiosks, located in Denver, Palm Springs and Orange County airports, with iSIGN's Smart Antennas modified with the loop antenna.

Once installed, RMT will be using iSIGN's Proximity Mobile Marketing Solution to deliver promotions and advertisements on the network.  In addition, RMT will be introducing iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging Solution to the airports, using samples prepared by iSIGN. 

Push Sensor Patent Update

Work is progressing on the finalization of documents for the push sensor patent filings with our patent attorney and team.  We have been advised by our patent team that the filings will be completed, with resulting patent pending status, within 30 days

We Build Apps' Purchase Order for the First Crocker Park Roll-out of 100 Smart Antennas

The Purchase Order for an initial 100 Smart Antennas, with an approximate value $80,000 Cdn. dependent on exchange rates, required for the Crocker Park site, has been received from WBA.  This order allows for the first of several sizable roll-outs of our hardware and technology into the site.  The expected shipment date is February 16, with installation to follow immediately upon receipt of the Smart Antennas, according to WBA.

Additionally, WBA is finalizing with Crocker Park the content, features and performance needs of iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging Solution ("SAMS") - the park visitor sign-up, registration page and security alert messaging layouts and samples that were presented to WBA on February 1.

Click anywhere on this post to see the first 2 pages of WBA's Shopping Center Feature Sheet.  WBA has requested that we do not post the pages that detail the standard features and that discuss customization and add-on features.

Crocker Park Newsletter

Click anywhere on this page to view the February 2017 newsletter from Crocker Park.  While we are sure you will find the entire newsletter to be an interesting read, we would like to draw your attention to page 14, entitled Proximity Marketing at Crocker Park. 

Key quotes:

"Crocker Park management would like to inform all tenants on our property that we are in the process of having our entire property covered with a proximity marketing solution that will help increase sales and enhance the Crocker Park lifestyle." and "Crocker Park has partnered with We Build Apps, LLC (WBA) to provide solutions geared toward increasing sales and providing a new unique customer experience."

In addition, the second shipment of Smart Antennas will be delivered to WBA later this month, to cover a section of the property.  We are in the process of preparing these 100 units for shipment.