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Priority Posts

Priority Posts

Priority Posts is a page for iSIGN to share important news, updates and articles with our clients, investors, shareholders and the public. Check back often for the most recent posts.

Airport Update

iSIGN's Smart Antennas are installed in various locations throughout Denver International, Palm Springs and Orange County (John Wayne) airport.  As previously reported, the resulting metrics have been impressive.  RMT is using these metrics to promote our Smart Antennas to a variety of multi-national advertisers, for use at airport locations and elsewhere.

RMT's current content partner is reviewing the metrics and discussing the best approach to capitalize on the concentration and timing of traffic flows discovered by the Smart Antenna network.

RMT continues to promote our Security Alert Messaging solution to their airport contacts, as well as to their technology partners.

Crocker Park Installations

These are photos of ongoing installations of the initial 100 Smart Antennas on Crocker Park roof-tops, as supplied by WBA.  The wall mounted box below our Smart Antennas is to house the power unit and cabling.  The pole mounted devices in the fore-ground of these phots are ancillary devices to provide cellular phone boosters and repeaters; radio communication links and background music broadcast receivers.

Click anywhere on this post to see the photos.

Smart Antenna Installation Underway at Crocker Park

Smart Antenna installations are currently underway at Crocker Park.  Messaging and the resulting metrics could be available as early as tomorrow.

iSIGN Adds Apple/Google App Development to Promote Wider Useage and Registration to SAM

iSIGN Adds Apple/Google App Development to Promote Wider Useage and Registration to SAM

iSIGN has recently completed development of iPhone and Android apps to support our Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") technology base.  SAM provides emergency and promotional messaging to patrons of large, managed spaces, including shopping malls, government facilities, airports, campuses, sports venues and military bases.  SAM messages patrons using Bluetooth and text messages, digital signage, email and now in-app messaging.

All messaging is opt-in, private and under full user control.  The new iPhone and Android apps can notify and store notifications for all SAM emergency and promotional messages.  Critically, SAM messaging does not require the user to launch an app.  iPhones and Android phones launch the SAM app whenever a message notification is received from the SAM server.  Messaging can be scheduled within the SAM server or initiated when users come into proximity of installed SAM devices, including iSIGN's Smart Antennas and SAM controller digital screens. 

The new SAM apps increase user messaging support and ensure that SAM communicates with patrons reliably, in real time and via multiple communication channels, making SAM a one-of-a kind security solution.
iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") Video

iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") Video

SAM is iSIGN Media's unique and exclusive proximity-based security and safety alert system for all levels of public, government and educational channels.  SAM is a sophisticated software solution that can be integrated onto any iSIGN Smart Antenna network or stand-alone locations.  The addition of SAM to any iSIGN Smart Antenna network offers a very high value-added dual function - commercial messaging by iSIGN's Smart Antennas and security messaging by SAM - commerce and safety all in one exclusive package.

Click anywhere on this post for our SAM introduction video.  SAM is being introduced to all levels of commerce, government agencies, airports, etc

WBA Progress on First Major Smart Mall Installation

Installation of what will be the world's first smart mall and community is underway and once completed, will cover 1.8 million sq. ft., including retail stores, dwellings, and offices.  This will service up to 20 million people per year (shoppers, residents, office employees, visitors and tourists).  In addition to their normal operations, the mall conducts major events such as concerts, festivals, fairs and amusement park activities, etc.

At the current rate of installation, best efforts are being made to complete this installation as soon as possible.  Smart Antenna proximity messaging will be at the core of all other messaging, wayfinding and security solutions.

The size of this installation is immense.  The installation is a massive wiring grid that has never been undertaken before, and is progressing as quickly as various certifications, inspections and approval are received.

To fully appreciate the scale and cost of this project being undertaken by our reseller, think of the last time you had any electrical work done, especially commercial installations!

Click anywhere on this post to view photos of the installation process. 

ReachMe.TV and iSIGN Smart Antennas

Late last week, Rich Multimedia Technologies' partner for the provision of content and network broadcasting for their airport Kiosk networks, ReachMe.TV, requested that we forward a number of Smart Antennas to them.  ReachMe.TV's desire is to begin programming and testing of their content for the Antennas commercial use at their in-airport (non-Kiosk) locations in New York City.

ReachMe.TV are currently broadcasting content into 30 of the top airports in the United States on approximately 2,000 screens.  Additionally, they recently signed an exclusive 10-year contract with CBS Television and HMS Host for next generation mobile digital broadcasting into the top airports, in terms or traffic, in the United States as well as internationally.

The requested units were shipped yesterday.

Push Sensor Patent Pending Number

iSIGN is pleased to announce that we have received confirmation of our first patent pending number for the Push Sensor solution.  The Canadian patent pending number, as assigned by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, is 2,965,064.  The title for this is:  Assembly for transmitting messages to smartphone users in a territorially delimited, targeted zone.  As indicated on the received paperwork, the date that our filing is expected to be open for public inspection, is August 3, 2017.

The inventor of this technology, Alex Romanov, assigned ownership of the technology to iSIGN, who has been very active in presenting and promoting this unique solution to clients internationally.  Response to the presentations of the Push Sensor solution to both resellers and potential clients has been very positive. 

Please click anywhere on this post to view our Push Sensor presentation.
RMT's Airport Kiosk Network Messaging Platform for Content

RMT's Airport Kiosk Network Messaging Platform for Content

ReachMe.TV is being broadcast from Rich Multimedia Technologies' Kiosk networks at the Denver, Palm Springs and John Wayne airports.  Click anywhere on this post to see a screenshot of ReachMe.TV on one of RMT's phone kiosks located at John Wayne Airport, located in Orange Country, California.  

Additionally, it should be noted that RMT's partner for content on their Kiosks, ReachMe.TV, has signed a ten year strategic alliance with CBS Television Stations to coincide with the upcoming launch of ReachMe.TV's in-Airport Entertainment Network.  This new mobile entertainment network will appear on thousands of screens across the top 50 airports in the United States and Canada, with a reach of over 70 million viewers per month.

ReachMe.TV has been quoted as saying that this partnership gives them an experienced nationwide sales force, thus enabling ReachMe.TV to focus on the building and programming their network, while working with CBS Television Stations to package programming and advertising in new and unique ways. 

ReachMe.TV have announced that they are rolling out their platform to thousands of screens in airports in the United States and expect to expand globally later this year.