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September 17, 2021

Introduction to our Mobile Vaccine Center

Introducing… The Mobile Pandemic Vaccine Certifier Pandemic Vaccine Certifier is a fast, accurate, and reliable confirmation “Tap & Go” solution that allows users to Tap/Walk close to an iSIGN SMART POD when entering a building. The unique App System allows users to get their vaccination confirmed by a third-party who connects with OHIP, and then are given a QR code, App, or Card Certifying Single or Double Vaccinations. The use is then confirmed for access to venues/businesses that have installed an iSIGN Smart POD entrance or network. If the venue they are entering is equipped with an iSIGN SMART POD, they can use their phone to “Tap or Walk by” the POD that will recognize their double vaccination status and gives the venue a green or red signal. This system provides vaccination confirmation to business owners, venue volunteers, and staff. It reduces cueing lineups and potential conflict with Security Staff and keeps the economy moving in a safe and organized manner. Applications are limitless.

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April 8, 2020

Corbiz Strategies Announces Agreement to Introduce SAM to Canadian Retirement Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities

Toronto, ON— April 8, 2020 — Corbiz Strategies has signed an agreement with iSIGN Media to introduce Safety Alert Messaging (“SAM”) to Retirement Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities across Ontario. “I consider SAM to be a perfect tool to provide a contact point for residents and their families,” stated Ms. Kimberley Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Corbiz Strategies. “SAM can reduce administrative time currently being spent on communicating with the families of residents.”

SAM is a perfect solution for retirement homes and long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak. Being able to provide a solution to retirement homes that will allow department managers to instantly send a mass text message to all of their residents, their families, and employees all with one push of a button.

SAM is a technology-based mobile messaging system that enables the controlled broadcast of critical information to registered recipients. Registered recipients can be as broad as the general public, or as narrow as salaried and contract employees and can be assigned into various sub-groups, allowing for messages to be directed only to specific groups or to everyone, depending on needs. Due to SAM’s ‘message received’ alert function, SAM messages are more obvious to recipients when they are received than simple texts and email.

As SAM supports iOS and Android in-app messaging, the SAM app is available in both the Google Play and Apple app stores. Broadcasters log into the SAM dashboard via their web browser, create and then send messages to their registered recipients in a matter of minutes. Sent messages are stored within the dashboard for later reference as required until the sender deletes them.

"With the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the increasing number of deaths, iSIGN wanted to do something to help in the fight against this virus," stated Mr. Alex Romanov, iSIGN's President. "We felt that as SAM is a technology solution that can be implemented without social interaction as it requires no hardware it is a solution that could be brought into play quickly and safely."

Corbiz Strategies shares iSIGN’s desire to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and aid in the return of normalcy to everyday life and as such, is offering their services on a no-charge basis during this crisis situation.

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Press Contact:
Kimberley Mills

Jennifer Walker

Alex Romanov
iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

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May 3, 2019

Rewriting the Rules of Advertising with Omni Veil

iSIGN Media has developed an exclusive app like “Enabler” that is generic in nature and identified with the Omni Veil logo for Hi-Tek Media in Las Vegas. Once activated, access is immediate to the Omni Veil / iSIGN powered advertising messaging network locations. Individuals will receive an unlimited variety of brands, offers and messages in their proximity or scheduled without any additional individual apps or downloads required. Data is immediately pushed through Google Analytics for extensive dashboard detail available in real-time.

The Omni Veil network is the first of it’s kind to be integrated into a variety of vehicles such as transport trucks, municipal vehicles, service and emergency vehicles by the thousands. There are plans for Taxis and public transport integrations as well.

The Omni Veil network will also have brick and mortar locations in tourist information locations on state highways, municipal buildings, hotels, malls and amusement parks and public locations. This unique network is the first of its kind combining moving vehicles and fixed building locations to deliver the largest number of viewers and most varied audience locations to advertisers.

Hi-Tek Media has attracted top advertiser brands to the network, targeting 16 states so far in the USA. Las Vegas is the best location to launch the Omni Veil network, powered by iSIGN, as well as iSIGN’s latest additions. Hi-Tek is introducing iSIGN’s SAM security alert messaging to the Vegas airport and public locations like hotels and stadiums.

Delivery of the first 200 iSIGN solutions will be scheduled to follow the delivery of the final Apple certification next week. iSIGN and Hi-Tek Media will be introducing 3 additional new messaging and data capture products featuring enhanced data capture using iSIGN's Smart Antenna.

Hi-Tek Media has also contributed to the development of a very unique and exclusive SAAS solution to be available later this month.

Click HERE to view the newly released Omni Veil icon.

May 1, 2019

Omni Veil Mobile Message Enabler – Now Available in Google Store

Hi-Tek Media's Omni Veil network just reached an important milestone as their Mobile Message Enabler app is now complete for Android mobile devices and is now available for download in the Google Store. We also expect this Enabler app will be available for Apple devices and placed in the Apple Store later next week.

The branding of the mobile messaging enabler for Hi-Tek Media's Omni Veil network was one of the major requirements for Hi-Tek to allow them to introduce and promote our technology and various hardware products (Smart Antenna, Smart POD and Smart PODX) to their client base of advertisers.

Click HERE to view the newly released Omni Veil icon.

April 10, 2019

Collision Conference and the City of Richmond Hill

The City of Richmond Hill will be attending the Collision Conference in Toronto, Ontario on May 20 - May 23, 2019.  As a part of the York Region, the City of Richmond Hill will have a booth at this event and will promote Richmond Hill as "The Smart Place for Business"; a city that has a strong presence of technology companies and other major corporate businesses. The City of Richmond Hill is including iSIGN in their material for this show as they feel that "iSIGN Media is an amazing, technologically advanced company".  iSIGN Media will also be attending the show, as this is a major annual technology conference.  Toronto was the successful bidder to hold this year's show and has also been awarded the show for the next 2 years as well. This technology conference is expected to attract approximately 25,000 people from across the world and is an extremely good opportunity for iSIGN to meet a variety of companies and their representatives to discuss and promote our technology. iSIGN and the City of Richmond Hill have been working together for a number of years, as evidenced by this Richmond Hill brochure that has been a part of their Economic Development promotion material for some time.  The City's representatives recently reached out to us reiterating their desire to become Canada's first "Smart City" and to discuss iSIGN Media's hardware offering that could help them achieve this endeavor.
April 1, 2019

iSIGN Product Upgrades Enhancements

Over the past few months, iSIGN has been working to enhance its product line based on reseller/client feedback. Now, in addition to the Smart Antenna and SAM, we offer:
  1. Smart Antenna V2 – adds several new features to leverage Bluetooth Low Energy applications allowing for multiple channels of proximity messaging with Bluetooth and Wi-FI; messaging to Internet and including additional SAM (lite) messaging to any distance anywhere as well. All capture response and opt-in data on Smart Antenna and Google dashboards in real time.
  2. Smart POD, each with customized opt-in logo and dashboard. Powered by a battery with a 5-year life for ease of installation. The unit weighs 4 oz. and is capable of being used both indoors and outdoors, in a single or network messaging application, delivering messaging to any mobile device within 250 ft. proximity as well as capturing device and response data to a customized Google Analytics dashboard in real time. The unit can be integrated with the Smart Antenna or as a standalone unit.
  3. Smart PODX, adds SAM (lite) messaging, adding any distance anywhere messaging anytime. This exclusive IP solution messages in proximity and will continue to message devices in and to any distant location. This exclusive one of a kind IP of proximity and long-distance range messaging can be used as a standalone device, or in conjunction with the Smart Antenna.
March 26, 2019

New Enhanced Smart Antenna Introduction Update

We are pleased to announce that we have shipped a number of the newly enhanced Smart Antenna circuit Pods to Hi-Tek Media as requested for confirmation and their customer approval. The enhanced introduction units have also been shipped to several of our newly contracted resellers and existing partners.
March 1, 2019

Further Update on Las Vegas Reseller

Further to our February 27 post regarding requests for specific data gathering and customized reporting for certain clients of our reseller, iSIGN is pleased to announce that our original and now enhanced Interaction Messaging Solution (IMS) system is complete and available to satisfy the requests from our reseller and their clients.

February 27, 2019

Update on Las Vegas Reseller Announcement

Further to previous announcements concerning our Las Vegas reseller, they have been introducing our technology and capabilities to their client base. In their discussions with clients, certain technology questions and issues have been raised, including data gathering and customized reporting to suit their individual clients' desires and needs.

Once these matters have been looked into, addressed and resolved, additional announcements will be forthcoming from both our reseller and from iSIGN.