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February 6, 2019

Campus Mass Notification System Fails

The University of California had an active shooter situation near their campus on January 10, 2019. Their alert system malfunctioned and 72% of their subscribers did not receive a timely message:

University of California Mass Notification System Fails

As stated in the above report, this situation was caused by a 'glitch' in the nightly updating process of the contact database. The university stated that it tests its alarm system twice a year and that there were no issues uncovered at the time of their tests. As the article didn't state when these tests were carried out, this issue with the nightly updating process may have existed for quite some time prior to the incident.

Our SAM system with messaging controlled and generated by the user, can also be used for the sending of non-emergency messages. As such, we have a built-in method for the user to ensure that the system is always working. Messages for non-emergency purposes - a school event; congratulating a sports team on a victory, announcing a guest speaker, etc. - essentially acts as the test of the system. Our back-end system, fully accessible, used and monitored by the location, provides details on all messages sent as well as on the time of delivery to each registrant.

Additionally, SAM allows for messaging in a variety of formats - iSIGN apps; emails and text messages and has the capability to be integrated with other systems such as digital signage, loudspeakers, social media, etc. and can also be linked with first responders (police, fire, ambulance services). The ability to use multiple delivery methods allows for multiple options for the delivery of messages. Again, helping to ensure that messages are delivered in a timely manner to all registrants.

All of which makes SAM an excellent system for the delivery of emergency messaging by any organization concerned about the safety of the public - schools, government offices, malls, transportation centres, office buildings, etc.

January 30, 2019

iSIGN Signs MOU with Remote Media, a major Chilean Digital Signage Company

Remote Media,, is one of the companies that iSIGN met with on the recent Chilean mission held by the Ontario government and sponsored by the Chilean Association of Technology Companies. Remote Media is a major digital signage company in Chile, with many large clients in various industries, including the mines that iSIGN is presently working with, as well as others in the mining industry.

The MOU outlines the channels that they wish to represent iSIGN to - mining, security and retail - for both our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) and Smart Antenna commercial mobile messaging.

In discussions that have been held with Remote Media, subsequent to our return from the mission to Chile, Remote Media has requested that the term for their reseller agreement be 3 years; that they will provide full service to all of their clients, including content support, dashboard management, training to clients, installation and service.

Additional information will be made available when the reseller agreement is signed by both parties.

January 25, 2019

Mark Thimmig Voted onto iSIGN’s Board of Directors at AGM

In mid-December, we posted that Mark had been accepted by iSIGN's Board as a director pending his filing of the required documents with the necessary regulatory bodies and their approval of him as a director.

Mark Thimmig, a leading expert in digital marketing and brand development, was voted onto iSIGN’s Board of Directors by the Company's shareholders at iSIGN's January 18, 2019 AGM.

Mr. Thimmig, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of California-based Conservaco, LLC and Ignite Agency brings 35+ years of executive experience to iSIGN, having held senior leadership positions with Fortune 100/500 companies, in various executive roles including Chief Executive and President, as well as serving on various Boards as a Director.

His past business experience includes the founding and leading of multiple companies along with senior management roles at General Motors, AutoNation, Phaeton Automotive Group; Varsity Group and Coopers & Lybrand. Thimmig’s background includes global entrepreneurship; envisioning, transforming, innovating and communicating; education management; finance, mergers and acquisitions; tech and esports business development; brand strategy and management; commercial real-estate; facilities development and management; as well as developing strategic partnerships and alliances.

January 23, 2019

Ontario’s Information and Communications Technologies Mission to Chile Update

This mission was arranged between the Chilean Association of Technology Companies and the Ontario Government. The Association requested that companies involved in specific fields (ex -data, proximity messaging, security). The Ontario Government researched the approximately 28,000 tech companies located in Ontario and approached a selected group for their possible attendance in this mission. A total of nine Ontario companies participated in this Mission.

The various Chilean companies participating in the meeting decided who they wished to meet with, based on their own needs and desires. During the 2 full days of meeting, iSIGN participated in 12 meetings with companies in various fields, including: medical; digital signage; Codelco, Chile’s state-controlled mining company, considered to be the world’s largest copper and molybdenum producer; technology; and Claro, a subsidiary of America Movil, the fourth largest telecommunications operator in the world and the largest in Latin America.

iSIGN’s security alert messaging (SAM) and commercial mobile messaging were well received, both by the Chilean companies that iSIGN was presenting to, as well as by the other Ontario companies who participated in the mission.

We are in the process of following up with the contacts made during our visit and meetings. Additionally, one of the companies that we met with will be traveling to Ontario and is scheduled to meet with us at our office in Richmond Hill during the week of January 28.

January 21, 2019

Reasons why Location-based Marketing is set to Disrupt Marketing in 2019

The following link is for an article published on Technology Signals - - that discusses location-based marketing.

This is an interesting article, especially the section on 'Hyperlocal' Marketing, which is the targeting of customers in a geographically restricted area or at a specific location, something that iSIGN does quite well either for commercial mobile messaging and security alert messaging (SAM).

The summation to the article defines iSIGN's commercial mobile messaging perfectly: "Location-based marketing is about showcasing your brand to a set of highly targeted customers at the right time and the right place. Leveraging the right technology in combination with user data, behavior, and context will help you deliver an enticing message to draw in newer customers and keep the old ones coming back."

January 15, 2019

Information and Communications Technologies Mission to Chile – Update

Nine Ontario companies are participating in this 3-day mission, with meetings being arranged for by the Ministry of Economic Development with a variety of sizable Chilean based firms. The Ontario government targeted Chile, as in their opinion, "Chile is a leader in South America in early adoption of information technologies, and its mobile market is among the most advanced in the region. The Chilean market is often used as the launching pad for new technologies in South America."

The meetings started on Monday afternoon and will continue until the end of the day on this coming Wednesday. To date, the meetings have gone well and our technology, both SAM and commercial messaging utilizing the Smart Antenna, have been well received.

January 9, 2019

Ontario Information and Communications Technologies Mission to Chile

Further to our November 27, 2018 post regarding the province of Ontario's technology mission to Chile, arrangements have been completed for the January 14 - 16, 2019 mission. A number of meetings have been confirmed for us by the Ministry with various Chilean companies, with details for additional meetings to be finalized between now and January 14.

Chile is being targeted by the Ministry as they consider that "Chile is a leader in South America in early adoption of information technologies, and its mobile market is among the most advanced in the region. The Chilean market is often used as the launching pad for new technologies in South America."

January 3, 2019

Push Sensor Patent Progress

We have been advised by our patent agent that the United States patent office has published our Push Sensor patent application. Our application is now in the final examination stage of their process. The patent number is 20180359327.
January 2, 2019

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

2018 closed with what we consider to be a significant achievement - the signing of an agreement with SpeedTrack, Inc. for the use of our Security Alert Messaging (SAM"). SpeedTrack is a California based software company that primarily operates in the fields of healthcare, law enforcement and automotive industries in both the US and Canada. Their primary interest is SAM at this time is SAM's ability to allow their clients to communicate directly, quickly and securely with staff, clients and customers.

We expect to have further announcements released over the next 2 weeks concerning significant events.