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September 6, 2018

Successful Close of Chilean Mining Pilot

As released earlier today, the Security Alert Messaging (SAM) pilot project with a major mining company in Chile has been successfully closed.  The next steps to be taken are being discussed by iSIGN's Chilean reseller Smart Sign, the mining company and iSIGN.

This pilot project has designed to allow the mine to familiarize themselves with the operation and management of the SAM technology and back-end reporting system and involved a selected number of employees and management at the mining operation's headquarters.  The mining company is looking for a system that allows management to communicate directly and easily with their employees both on and off site, for safety measures and for normal day-to-day communications, including the directing of staff to their specific work areas prior to arriving at the start of their shift and to remind them to bring the necessary safety and other certifications specific to the areas where they will be working that day.

Both iSIGN and its Chilean reseller, Smart Sign, anticipate that the successful completion of this pilot will aid with discussions currently underway with other mining companies in Chile as well as with other companies in this channel.
August 31, 2018

Smart City Discussions Canada

A preliminary meeting with a Canadian city located in the Greater Toronto Area was held Tuesday, August 28, between various representatives of the City, our Canadian reseller LED Solutions and iSIGN.

The meeting was to present our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) solution; its ability to use any number of contact options to convey messages to recipients; ease of use and benefits to the City.  The meeting went well and discussions will be continuing on a time table being set by the City.

Our efforts with cities in the province of Ontario are being supported and aided by our partnered insurance agency, who have reached out to a variety of their contacts as they see SAM as a method to potentially reduce insurance claims, thus saving cities money.  Our insurance representative also reported today that as a result of yesterday's shooting at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall, they have received inquiries about SAM, from cities they have previously had conversations with, as well as from cities they have yet to contact.
August 24, 2018

iSIGN Announces Progress Towards First Canadian Smart City Integration

In a meeting held today, it was agreed between all parties that iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") and Smart Antennas would be scheduled for integration into the city's emergency vehicles commencing mid-September.  Selected emergency personnel are chosen and scheduled for SAM registration to prioritize messages and gain performance impact and public response data.

iSIGN has pursued Smart City initiatives in partnership and co-operation with its insurance representative to add details on safety and benefit choices to city emergency and management teams.

We are engaged with several cities and news will follow as courses are confirmed.  
August 10, 2018

Chile Update

Our Chilean reseller has been invited to present SAM to The National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security at a meeting scheduled for Friday, August 24.  This government agency is the technical agency responsible for the co-ordination of the National Civil Protection System, with a mission to plan, promote, articulate and execute prevention, response and rehabilitation actions in the face of situations of collective risk, emergencies, disasters and catastrophes of natural origin or caused by human action.

The purpose of the meeting is to review the capabilities of SAM as well as its many benefits that it can provide to the country and to initiate discussions on its applications and integration into the existing Chile's existing emergency alert network. Interest in SAM was fostered by the work that our reseller has been doing within the mining industry in Chile.

The Chilean mine has finalized its selection of the employees and management to be involved in their pilot project.  The registration process for these individuals to receive messages is to be completed during the week of August 13, with the pilot starting on August 20.
July 25, 2018

Chilean Mine Update

A meeting with the executive staff of the Chilean mine has been set for later this afternoon.  The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the back-end dashboard created specifically for the mine's use; review the employee registration process and the process for the creation and sending of messages.

This pilot project will allow the mine executives to familiarize themselves with the operation and management of the Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") technology and back-end system.  Specifically it will give the mine the opportunity of assessing the various methods that SAM uses to deliver messages, to determine which 'delivery system' (app, text message, email, etc.) works best in their specific environment; which methodology is consistently the first to deliver messages to employees; etc.  Additionally it will enable them to experience the entire process from registration of employees through the sending of messages and back-end recording and reporting of the results of the messaging.

This pilot project is the result of approximately seven months of discussions and demonstrations with various groups within the mine, including IT; mid-management; HR and employee representatives.  As previously announced, this pilot will be a for a maximum four-week period.

The mining company employs approximately 6,400 people in South America and 27,000 worldwide throughout their various operations.

Both iSIGN and its Chilean reseller, Smart Sign, believe that this pilot and its conclusion will help with the ongoing discussion with other mining companies in Chile.
July 6, 2018

Canadian Smart City Progress

As previously released, iSIGN is currently involved with three Canadian cities for their Smart City desires and goals.

Our most recent meetings with one of these cities has resulted in the following next steps to be taken: (i) have approximately 80 emergency management staff and Fire Department Chiefs register to receive Security Alert Messaging ("SAM"), while step by step integration and scale up is determined; (ii) to be followed up by having the remaining approximately 800 city staff and management registered for SAM; and, (iii) the use of ten Smart Antennas to be used for various applications as well as to determine the permanent locations and total quantity of Smart Antennas required by the city to attain their Smart City goal.

Our involvement with these Smart City endeavours is supported by the city's insurance agency and brokers who understand our technology and its ability to provide timely warnings of emergency situations and directions to avoid these situations, as well as to mitigate liabilities and potential claims.

Further progress and details will be announced when possible.
July 1, 2018

Las Vegas Smart City Update

This past Friday we were advised by the partnership group involved with Las Vegas' Digital Safe City proposal that ours has been selected as a finalist.  A telephone conference call of the partnership group is to be held on Monday, July 2 for discussions related to the project.
June 12, 2018

Las Vegas Smart City Update

As previously advised, the City of Las Vegas is implementing a Digital Safe City initiative, with the goal of becoming the first Smart City in the United States.  To that end, the city issued a Request for Proposals ("RFP") and related Statement of Work document detailing Las Vegas' vision of a Smart City - the ability to push timely messages to citizens that promote city services and other useful information; sending alerts to apps or websites, that the individual opts into, when someone approaches or leaves as identified locations; as well as having the ability to deliver mobile security messages. 

iSIGN, its reseller, Rich Multimedia Technology Inc. ("RMT") and their partner 21st Century Moves LLC ("21st Century"), joined forces with several major US technology companies to complete the RFP for submission to the city, by the city mandated date of June 12.  The various companies involved in this project were chosen based on how their respective technologies fit into the city's RFP requirements; their successful involvement in bidding for other municipal RFPs, including other Smart City initiatives as well as other network wireless solution installations; and their ability to complete the overall project, should the City award the project to the group.  The group consists of seven companies, including iSIGN.

The RFP submission was completed and delivered under the names of the two lead companies involved in the group with the greatest degree of deploying wide area network communications both municipal and otherwise.
May 11, 2018

RMT’s Office in Mexico City

Click anywhere to see photos of RMT's new sales office in Mexico City to service airports, retail and advertising clients in Mexico and parts of South America.  The office is presently being staffed and finalized.

The address is Alpes 1155, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P. 11000, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico.