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October 15, 2021

Ontario’s Vaccine Verification APP and QR Codes For Download

The attached link takes you to a CTV News release regarding Ontario's launch of it's Vaccine Verification APP and QR codes for download. This ties in very well with our planned integration of mobile messaging to also verify that as the public passes through gateways they will receive additional screening to confirm they have no presences of the virus even though they are double vaccinated.
October 8, 2021

Concordia University Adopts Sparta’s Continuous Pathogen Protection Technology

The following is an email communication sent by Sparta Group to their shareholders.  Given our previous posts about Sparta, we thought there may be interest in reading this. Concordia University is adopting continuous pathogen protection technology through Sparta Group.  This is happening as universities across the country continue to find ways to curb potential outbreaks of COVID-19 cases among students and feel pressure to constantly review their health protocols. Offering up the CASPR (Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction) system to learning institutions, is possible due to Sparta's Health Group's alliance with CASPR Group Technologies in the United States.   Concordia continues to monitor COVID-19 response measures and follow the advice of public health agencies; however, having CASPR in high traffic areas in the university provides an added layer of protection.  The technology is available in the form of a plug-in tabletop unit, a ceiling tile unit, or units mounted directly into the HVAC duct system. New outlets across the country have been reporting on the number of COVID-19 cases in university settings and just this past weekend, massive student gatherings captured on video created even more concern for health and safety.  Prior tests of CASPR technology indicate that the portable units are 99.96 percent effective in reducing pathogens.  The units are also unobtrusive, quiet, and barely noticeable when in use.  Plus, CASPR units require no manpower and very little maintenance. Until next time, stay safe. Sincerely, John O'Bireck, President & CTO Email: The following is a link to Sparta's press releases should you be interested in reading further about their announcement of the Concordia adoption and the MOU with the CASPR Group -    
September 30, 2021

Sparta Group & iSIGN Media Corp plan to work together to help make virus mitigation easier

We are entering into a game-changing technical collaboration that could address the significant challenges faced by mandated vaccine passports and the ongoing spread of COVID-19.  The Company has just announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") to team up with iSIGN Media Corp ("iSIGN") (TSX-V:ISD) (OTC:ISDSF) to bring their technologies together to make virus mitigation easier. Governments and business owners struggle to make vaccine passports work as a primary mitigation tool.  At the same time, evidence mounts that even the double-vaccinated are spreading COVID-19.  The MOU with iSIGN will help Sparta expand its existing Workplace Pathogen Protection Program by working towards integrating iSIGN's WiFi and Bluetooth technology into the Program. Sparta's Pathogen Protection Program allows users to identify potential symptoms of infectious diseases by displaying results with a simple red or green light as they quickly and casually walk through an archway, powered by artificial intelligence.  The screening process is designed to fully protect the privacy of each user and reduce the chances of viral outbreaks.  The iSIGN WiFi and Bluetooth technology can communicate directly with mobile devices.  It's technology that can allow for easy flow of information between the Safe Entry portion of the solution and an individual's mobile device. Until next time, stay safe!   Sincerely, John O'Bireck, President & CTO Email:        
September 28, 2021

Sparta Group Collaboration

Sparta Group (TSX.V: SAY) has issued a press release this morning concerning their collaboration with iSIGN to "bring their technologies together to make virus mitigation easier." The intent is to use iSIGN's WiFi and Bluetooth technology to expand Sparta's existing Workplace Safe Entry Program and "allow for easy flow of information between Sparta's Safe Entry solution and an individual's mobile device." You can read their press release here: The following is a link to Sparta Group's website is Sparta Capital (    
September 17, 2021

iSIGN Tech Staff Update

iSIGN has engaged Information Solutions Development Venture (ISDV), a company newly formed by Aaron Phillips, to provide technology services and support to the Company.  Services and support will include for existing iSIGN technology, as well as for the Company's newly announced Mobile Pandemic Vaccine Certifier, Contact Tracing and other solutions.
September 7, 2021

iSIGN Technology Development Introduction

As included in our press release of August 6, iSIGN is in the process of developing a Mobile Vaccination Certifier for local, national, and global applications.  This technology will be integrated into our unified backend (dashboard) platform that is currently under development.  This unified backend platform is being developed both for the airport proof of concept project, as well as for use by our other resellers and end-clients, with development by our recently expanded tech team. The Mobile Vaccination Certifier development is to address the need for safety protocols during this time of COVID pandemic for travel as well as for stadium events (sports, concerts, and other events) and normal businesses (gyms, bars, and restaurants for example). Overall, there is an immense need to update our means of exchanging and verifying test results as current standards that are in place to provide proof of vaccination (email or printed documents) are open to falsification.  This is a necessity not just to minimize the detrimental effects that this pandemic has had on the world as a whole, but also to offer the clarity that preventing the transmission of this and future viruses is of utmost importance. Additionally, iSIGN is in the process of developing solutions that we are currently calling: contact tracing and personal medical assistant.  Further information concerning our technology development will be added to the website as deemed appropriate.  
July 19, 2021

iSIGN Renewed as a Verified Vendor to the US government

We are proud to state that our status as an approved vendor to the US government has been approved and renewed   Large Verified Vendor Seal
July 16, 2021

Prince George Airport Proof of Concept Program

Further to our June 6, 2021 email regarding this proof of concept campaign for contact tracing, we are please to report that it is currently underway and is scheduled to run through the end of September, 2021.
July 8, 2021

Update to $6.9 Million Private Placement Issue

In response to questions from shareholders concerning the private placement of up to $6.9 million and why it did not happen on a timely basis, the issue is due to the timing of when the Company filed for price reservation with the TSX combined with the later change in the lead investor. The filing with the TSX to reserve the pricing for the $6.9 million placement was done on May 4.  On June 4 we press released the private placement and on June 11 the new lead investor submitted his Personal Information Form ("PIF"). To date, his PIF is still under review, but as the lead investor didn't forward funds to be held in trust at our lawyers by the TSX mandated date due (due to his desire to have TSX approval for the PIF in hand prior to forwarding funds),  we missed the price reservation date.  Note that currently we have approximately $700,000 held in our lawyer's trust account from our investors waiting for our reapplication for a placement. We will reapply to the Exchange in the near future with pricing based on the prevailing market price at the time of filing.