Recent News

October 9, 2019

Exclusive Features of the Omni Veil Network as Powered by iSIGN

iSIGN is proud to share some of the very unique Omni Veil combinations of technologies and features of the iSIGN system powering the Omni Veil network. The Omni Veil network is the world's first mobile and static (vehicular and brick and mortar location) advertising platform sending messages to Smart phones, android and iPhone, and other portable devices in proximity AND message Anywhere/Everywhere in the world. The Omni Veil network will be utilizing modems allowing for wireless connectivity for messaging and will be using a multi channel SIM card that will allow for the system to utilize the strongest wireless signal from any carrier at any point of location to deliver messages to mobile devices. SAM technology is included on the Omni Veil network, allowing for safety and security messaging in town and highway including roadside and urban emergencies and road delays. Other 'firsts' include the ability to gather data source and collection from 3 channels as well as the ability to be messaged by app and non-app programs. Additional enhancements are underway and can't be discussed at this time.
October 8, 2019

First Step Taken for the Omni Veil Network

We are pleased to have announced early today the first step towards the set-up of the Omni Veil network in Nevada - the initial order of iSIGN's hardware.  The 100 Smart Antennas and 100 PODX units will primarily be mobile installations.  Three advertisers, both local to Nevada and national, will be the first advertisers on the Omni Veil Network. The Omni Veil Network provides for messaging to be received in proximity as well as by an individual anywhere and everywhere in the world, through the download of the iSIGN created Omni Veil app for android and iPhone devices.  This anywhere and everywhere ability is a 'world first' and is possible only through the use of iSIGN's patented technology and PODX hardware. iSIGN looks forward to the expansion of the Omni Veil network as outlined and previously announced by Hi-Tek Media and iSIGN.  
October 7, 2019

iSIGN Invited to Richmond Hill’s Annual ‘State of the Union’ Address

On Friday October 11, Richmond Hill's mayor will be presenting his annual State of the Union address at a city function.  Alex Romanov, as iSIGN's President, has been invited to attend this function as a guest to sit at the City's table.  iSIGN will be introduced at the meeting as one of the Innovators of the Year award winners.  This present an opportunity to engage with and speak to various City functionaries and other invited quests about the company and our technology.
September 27, 2019

iSIGN and Hi-Tek Media Preparing Mobile Installation Video and Webinar

iSIGN and Hi-Tek, in conjunction with Quality Towing are preparing a Smart Antenna installation video to be used with planned webinars to provide training and installation tips for the mobile Omni Veil network in Nevada.  The video along with the webinar session will provide guidance to the Quality Towing staff who will be handling the installation of the mobile units into their emergency vehicles.  Additionally, the video will be able to be used for the planned rollouts into other states with Quality Towing's affiliates.  The use of the video with webinars will allow for faster installation into Quality's vehicles and will help in the quicker expansion of the Omni Veil network than initially planned.  The video will be prepared in English and Spanish for use in all Omni Veil Markets and advertising brands.  Additionally, a generic installation video for brick and mortar installations will be produced as well.
September 24, 2019

Las Vegas Update

Our reseller, Hi-Tek Media, and Quality Towing are in the process of having a contract drawn up by their legal counsel.  This contract is for Quality Towing's use of Hi-Tek's Omni Veil Network for an initial term of 24 or 36 months and subsequent renewal periods.  It will also designate the location of the network, which is to commence in Nevada, with second stage expansion into four additional States and planned expansion into a further 11 States.  Hi-Tek and Quality Towing anticipate the contract being completed and fully signed by all parties by the end of the first week of October. The completion of this contract is important for Hi-Tek's advertisers in order for them to plan and implement their various advertising campaigns on the Omni Veil network. Once the contract is fully signed, the parties will be in a position to commence with the first stage of the delivery and installation of iSIGN's hardware and use of our technology for both commercial messaging and Security Alert Messaging ("SAM").
September 10, 2019

iSIGN Preparing a Shares for Debt Transaction

iSIGN is currently working on a shares for debt transaction to convert up to $700,000 owed to suppliers and insiders, at a proposed price of $0.06.  This cleaning of debt from the Company's Balance Sheet is an expression of confidence in iSIGN's technology and future.
September 5, 2019

iSIGN Introduced to Canada’s Federal Ministry of Trade

iSIGN was invited by the City of Richmond Hill's  department of Economic Development/Strategic Initiatives/Office of the City Manager, to attend a presentation today by Canada's federal Ministry of Trade, held to introduce and discuss ways and means to improve and increase exports globally.   At the conclusion of the presentation, two of the attendees, Alex Romanov and Roy Tal of Visual Defence were selected to meet with Mary Ng, Canada's federal Minister of Small Business and Export Promotions and Majid Jowhari, Richmond Hill's federal Member of Parliament.  
August 29, 2019

Innovators of the Year Award Ceremony

On Wednesday October 30, iSIGN will be honoured by the City of Richmond Hill as being one of the four companies awarded as Innovators of the Year.  iSIGN came to the attention of the city through our series of meetings with their various departments to present our SAM and proximity messaging technology as being solutions to Richmond Hill's quest to become a safe and smart city. The other three companies being honoured as Innovators of the Year are Amico, Edsby and Opus One Solutions.  On the day of the reception, the City will be conducting a Facebook live interview with each award winner. We are proud to have received this prestigious award and to have done so with such select company.  Congratulations to Amico, Edsby and Opus One Solutions.    
August 28, 2019

SAM and Omni Veil Generate Interest from Mexican Schools

Hi-Tek's end of July press release concerning their Omni Veil network, combined with our website's information on SAM and related videos has resulted in our being contacted with various questions from a well-known university and network of private schools in Mexico.  Their questions concerned the use of the Omni Veil Digital Platform and SAM in Mexico and the ability of the systems to fulfill the schools' requirements for messaging and alerts.