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About Us

Location Based Mobile Messaging

iSIGN Interactive Media Solution - Proprietary Mobile Marketing Systems 

We are a SaaS solution that can run standalone or within digital engines and media players.

Smart Antenna being an all in one device: hardware, a combination Bluetooth/Wi-Fi transceiver. The Smart Antenna uses Bluetooth to identify mobile devices including phones and tablets and to push messages to these devices when they are within 300ft (100m).  This device also features Wi-Fi to interactively communicate with almost every Smartphone including iPhones within 300ft (100m). Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications with devices direct, free and are measured giving broadcasters access to large amounts of data and information all at no cost to the consumer.  The Smart Antenna device can be either powered via a battery with wireless Internet connection, or via a 1m -100m (Power Over Ethernet - POE) cable with internet connection through a modem or router. To further simplify installation, the Smart Antenna is capable of outdoor all weather use.

Our technology allows for anonymous metrics to be collected for analytics, without infringing on a customer’s privacy.