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September 17, 2021

iSIGN Tech Staff Update

iSIGN has engaged Information Solutions Development Venture (ISDV), a company newly formed by Aaron Phillips, to provide technology services and support to the Company.  Services and support will include for existing iSIGN technology, as well as for the Company's newly announced Mobile Pandemic Vaccine Certifier, Contact Tracing and other solutions.
September 17, 2021

Introduction to our Mobile Vaccine Center

Introducing… The Mobile Pandemic Vaccine Certifier Pandemic Vaccine Certifier is a fast, accurate, and reliable confirmation “Tap & Go” solution that allows users to Tap/Walk close to an iSIGN SMART POD when entering a building. The unique App System allows users to get their vaccination confirmed by a third-party who connects with OHIP, and then are given a QR code, App, or Card Certifying Single or Double Vaccinations. The use is then confirmed for access to venues/businesses that have installed an iSIGN Smart POD entrance or network. If the venue they are entering is equipped with an iSIGN SMART POD, they can use their phone to “Tap or Walk by” the POD that will recognize their double vaccination status and gives the venue a green or red signal. This system provides vaccination confirmation to business owners, venue volunteers, and staff. It reduces cueing lineups and potential conflict with Security Staff and keeps the economy moving in a safe and organized manner. Applications are limitless.

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September 7, 2021

iSIGN Technology Development Introduction

As included in our press release of August 6, iSIGN is in the process of developing a Mobile Vaccination Certifier for local, national, and global applications.  This technology will be integrated into our unified backend (dashboard) platform that is currently under development.  This unified backend platform is being developed both for the airport proof of concept project, as well as for use by our other resellers and end-clients, with development by our recently expanded tech team. The Mobile Vaccination Certifier development is to address the need for safety protocols during this time of COVID pandemic for travel as well as for stadium events (sports, concerts, and other events) and normal businesses (gyms, bars, and restaurants for example). Overall, there is an immense need to update our means of exchanging and verifying test results as current standards that are in place to provide proof of vaccination (email or printed documents) are open to falsification.  This is a necessity not just to minimize the detrimental effects that this pandemic has had on the world as a whole, but also to offer the clarity that preventing the transmission of this and future viruses is of utmost importance. Additionally, iSIGN is in the process of developing solutions that we are currently calling: contact tracing and personal medical assistant.  Further information concerning our technology development will be added to the website as deemed appropriate.  
July 19, 2021

iSIGN Renewed as a Verified Vendor to the US government

We are proud to state that our status as an approved vendor to the US government has been approved and renewed   Large Verified Vendor Seal
July 16, 2021

Prince George Airport Proof of Concept Program

Further to our June 6, 2021 email regarding this proof of concept campaign for contact tracing, we are please to report that it is currently underway and is scheduled to run through the end of September, 2021.
July 8, 2021

Update to $6.9 Million Private Placement Issue

In response to questions from shareholders concerning the private placement of up to $6.9 million and why it did not happen on a timely basis, the issue is due to the timing of when the Company filed for price reservation with the TSX combined with the later change in the lead investor. The filing with the TSX to reserve the pricing for the $6.9 million placement was done on May 4.  On June 4 we press released the private placement and on June 11 the new lead investor submitted his Personal Information Form ("PIF"). To date, his PIF is still under review, but as the lead investor didn't forward funds to be held in trust at our lawyers by the TSX mandated date due (due to his desire to have TSX approval for the PIF in hand prior to forwarding funds),  we missed the price reservation date.  Note that currently we have approximately $700,000 held in our lawyer's trust account from our investors waiting for our reapplication for a placement. We will reapply to the Exchange in the near future with pricing based on the prevailing market price at the time of filing.
June 4, 2021

Further to our Press Release Today Regarding the $6.9 Million Placement

iSIGN had been working with OneWorld Smart Solutions Holding Corp. since February 2021 to be the lead investor in our up-to $6.9 million raise.  Despite assurances that OneWorld would have the the funds available for this raise, they have been unable to to so. Their failure to deliver the funds in a timely manner led us to pursue alternate funders, which eventually led us to Aaron Lyon Phillips, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AP1.
May 13, 2021

TMX Money Today Reports

According to the website TMX Money, iSIGN ranked #1 today with the largest price gain (30.769%) today and also ranks # 28 on their list of tech stocks with the largest price gain (by dollar value) in the past 30 days.  Click on the following link for the full listing of companies Best Canadian Tech Stocks | Looking for Stocks to Buy? | TMX Money | TMX Money  
May 6, 2021

TMX Money Report

According to the website TMX Money, iSIGN has been ranked #13 out of 48 tech stocks with the largest price gain (by dollar value) in the past 30 days.  Click on either the Top Tech or See Stocklist for a list of the top 48 on the attached link. iSign Media Solutions Inc. (ISD) | TSXV Stock Price | TMX Money