Recent News

December 30, 2020

Receipt of Enhanced POD Units

Today, we received a number of our newly developed enhanced POD units from the manufacturer.   These units will be subject to vigorous testing procedures over the next week to ensure that they operate to our specifications and requirements.  The units include the upgraded SAM app that was just approved for release in the Apple and Google App Stores. Our resellers have been made aware of the arrival of these units and are eagerly waiting for the completion of the testing and their eventual release for their use.  We anticipate being able to supply demonstration POD units to our resellers in early January 2021 and conclude forecasted quantity requirements of our resellers shortly thereafter.
December 29, 2020

Update on iSIGN’s Pods

Today we received long awaited final approval from the Apple App Store for our upgraded SAM app, and for the redeveloped POD unit.  Approval from the Google Store was received previously for our upgraded SAM app. Our resellers have been asked to forecast their immediate and short term requirements for the POD unit so that we can date delivery timeframes with the manufacturer of these units.
December 7, 2020

New iSIGN Reseller

Today iSIGN signed a five year renewable non-exclusive reseller agreement with USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC and Family of Companies (Entertainment), located in Colorado (  Entertainment and its related companies operate in a number of different channels that could utilize our solutions, including mobile highway advertising, and sports stadium and arena advertising among others. Adding another reseller into our fold allows us to expand our reach into channels that are important to us and that could certainly benefit from iSIGN's technology and hardware solutions, for both commercial messaging and safety/security messaging (SAM) and increases the number of end-users that can be exposed to our solutions.
December 3, 2020

iSIGN Reseller Update

Hi-Tek Media has been presenting our solution to several large potential end users as well as large existing networks.  These opportunities are for iSIGN's Smart Antenna and Smart Pod units in concert with the Omni Veil network and hinge on the completion of iSIGN's new and enhanced  Smart Pod units.  Currently, the expected completion of the new Smart Pod is late December or early January 2021.  Hi-Tek's emergency vehicle installation is also waiting for the completion of the enhanced Smart Pod. Corbiz has been introducing our upgraded (mass registration, customer specific backends with an option for private labeling)  SAM technology to a number of corporate owners of seniors' homes, operating in Canada and the United States. Currently, iSIGN is in discussions with a potential reseller interested in using our SAM and Smart Pod units for the public transit channel in Central America.  Additionally, iSIGN has recently been approached by a company with operations in multiple major channels (over five) in the US.  At the present time discussions are in a preliminary stage and are focused on the transportation industry, utilizing SAM and Smart Pod units. This will all finish in a single unit housing our technology for all applications, both indoor and outdoor including brick and mortar and vehicular installations, to be introduced as iSIGN's Smart Suite.
November 20, 2020

Update on Technology Enhancements

The Safety/Security Alert Messaging (SAM) upgrades and enhancements that the Company has been working on have been reviewed and successfully demonstrated to our resellers as well as with a selected major end user and have been well received.  These enhancements include mass registration, customer specific backends, with an option for SAM to be private labeled.  Note that these enhancements necessitated that iSIGN's Android and Apple apps be redeveloped and re-approved for placement in the Google and Apple stores. Additionally, the development of iSIGN's exclusive Smart Suite is continuing.  The Smart Suite is a cost-effective integration of iSIGN's Smart Pod, a SAM enabled beacon-like device that allows for location specific messages to be delivered directly to the lock screen of Android and iOS smartphones and devices while identifying registered users with location data, utilizing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for messaging as well as iSIGN's Android and Apple apps for proximity and long distance safety/security and commercial messaging.  All solutions will be packaged in one small enclosure, capable of being used inside any brick and mortar location, as well as on emergency vehicles, for Smart City communities and transit systems. The result is a solution that requires an individual to complete a one-time installation allowing for any single  or combination of iSIGN solutions to be activated as required.  The Smart Suite will power any private label network and its app solutions will be capable of being integrated into any brand's existing apps for instant network scaling with flexibility and massive data generation.  This development, undertaken to meet the needs of various potential end users and resellers, when completed will provide our resellers and clients greater flexibility in the use of our technology.    
November 4, 2020

iSIGN Developing Smart Suite

iSIGN is finalizing the completion of its exclusive Smart Suite.  This cost effective integration includes a combination of Smart Pod, security/safety alert messaging (SAM) technology, with messaging via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and Android and Apple apps for proximity and long distance safety/ security and commercial messaging.  The solutions will be packaged in one small enclosure application capable of being used inside any brick and mortar location, as well as outside on emergency vehicles; in Smart City communities and transit systems. The result is a solution that requires a single one-time installation that allows any individual or combination of iSIGN solutions to be activated as required without additional installations.  The Smart Suite will power any private label networks and its app solutions will be able to be integrated into any other brand's existing apps for instant network scaling with flexibility and massive data generation. This development, once completed will provide our resellers and clients greater flexibility in the use of our technology, which has been a request from several prospective users and resellers.
October 16, 2020

COVID -19 Cases Climb in Long-Term Care Homes

Various articles and news stories over the past few days are reporting that COVID-19 cases are climbing in long-term care homes. Based on data from provincial health ministries, the CBC  News estimates that as of the evening of October 13, there were active COVID-19 outbreaks in over 120 long-term care homes in Canada's hardest hit provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia).  In addition to the long-term care facilities, there are close to 100 outbreaks in retirement homes in those provinces, primarily in Ontario and Quebec. Https:// As quoted in an article in today's Toronto Star: Seniors advocates and medical professionals are warning we could be on the cusp of another, long-term care catastrophe as COVID-19 cases in Ontario homes hover around similar numbers seen in early April  - just two weeks before a massive spike of infections tore through hundreds of facilities. "I absolutely am very terrified and worried," said Dr. Amit Arya, a palliative care physician specializing in long-term care, who witnessed first-hand the devastation of the first wave in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) facilities.  "We have to really recognize that long-term care is not a parallel universe.  More spread of COVID-19 in the community increases the risk of an outbreak starting in long-term care facilities."  
September 30, 2020

Government of Ontario Announces Additional $540 Million Funding for Long-Term Care Homes

Yesterday, the Ontario government announced that it would be providing long-term care homes with an additional $540 million in funding.
September 4, 2020

CorComm Network Clarification

We have received several messages concerning the statement on Corbiz Strategies website regarding their private label CorComm network, stating: "Corbiz Strategies has partnered up with iSign to be able to bring this incredible tool to your residence free of charge for six months!"   This statement refers to Corbiz' offer to their various clients and has nothing to do with iSIGN. iSIGN's offer of a six month free period for our Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") commenced in April and expires at the end of this month.