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October 11, 2018

Chilean Mine Update – October 2018

Our Chilean reseller, Smart Sign, has advised that our quote to the mining company will be presented on October 16.  This quote will include the development of a GPS feature that will allow the mine to refine their delivery options to those mobile devices located within set perimeters.  This request by the mine is due to their desire to use our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) solution as a communication tool with their employees as well as for the delivery of security and safety messages. The addition of a GPS feature adds to the uniqueness of SAM, in that sites using SAM will have the option of delivering messages to all individuals who have registered to receive messages from them, or to define boundaries that would limit who would receive the messages.  We expect that the option of having a GPS feature to SAM would be attractive to a wide number of potential customers.
October 4, 2018

US Federal Government Test of National-Wide Security Messaging

On Wednesday October 3, the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") sent a "Presidential Alert" to mobile phones across the United States as a test of the country's wireless emergency alert system.  This nation-wide wireless emergency alert system was started in 2012 and has been used by local governments to send alerts for extreme weather warning, natural disasters and missing children.  Wednesday's message, however, was the system's first nation-wide testing of the system.  The messages sent by the system are limited to 90 characters currently, with plans to expand to 360 characters.

The Presidential Alerts are authorized by the President or a designated representative and sent by FEMA.  The messages are routed to wireless carriers through an on-line system called the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

Click anywhere on this post for a Washington Post article on this test.

Delivering emergency messages, whether the messages are being delivered nation-wide by a federal government, or delivered regionally by a state or provincial government is continued recognition and validation that sending emergency messages for security and safety matters, natural disasters, extreme weather warnings, etc. has value.  Delivering messages throughout a nation or to specific regions, is essentially a macro use of mobile messaging.  iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") solution is a micro use in that the messaging can be far more localized and faster to deliver as messages are sent by the specific location that the message is about, without having to go through the mobile wireless carriers.

Based upon the feedback from our resellers, they look upon this test as government validation for delivering emergency messages to mobile phones.  Our resellers clearly see the need for SAM at any location where the public gathers, be it a shopping mall, government office, transportation hub, office building, school, etc. and for SAM's use in a Smart City initiative. 
October 2, 2018

iSIGN’s New Emergency Vehicle and Transportation Channel

iSIGN is pleased to announce the introduction of the industry's first wireless messaging technology for automotive use - cars, emergency vehicles, public and commercial transportation.  The Mobile Smart Antenna ("MSA") consists of iSIGN's Smart Antenna components and patented technology, with Sierra Wireless modem (for cellular wireless connectivity) and voltage converter in an easy to install single component.  Click anywhere on this post for a picture of the unit.

MSA was developed for use in Canadian and American Smart City integration, including the recent emergency vehicle order from Las Vegas.  Further details of this new product/application will be highlighted on our soon to be live website, with social media and press to follow.
September 19, 2018

iSIGN Adding New Staff

In order to serve the opportunities in progress, including but not limited to the Chilean mine and Canadian Smart Cities, as well as to support our resellers with their prospective sales,  iSIGN is immediately hiring a Network and Data Systems Technical Specialist  and a Marketing and Communications Co-Ordinator.   
September 13, 2018

TENtv, Conservaco, RMT and iSIGN

We have had a number of calls inquiring about our September 10 post about the Today Entertainment Network ("TENtv") and the relationship between Rich Multimedia Technologies ("RMT"), Conservaco LLC ("Conservaco"), TENtv and iSIGN. 

TENtv was created by Conservaco and RMT for the sole purpose of selling advertising space on RMT's airport Kiosks and our Smart Antennas in the existing airports where RMT's Kiosks are installed and future airports and other locations where RMT's Kiosks and our Smart Antennas will be installed.  Click anywhere on this post to visit TENtv's website and specifically check out the tab entitled Mobile Marketing.  

Conservaco is an experienced digital marketing agency that provides a full complement of services including public relations, product branding and media promotion as well as many other services that aid in the raising of brand name recognition and general knowledge of a company and its products.  Please visit their website at for more information about them.  Additionally, Conservaco is one of the top crowdfunding marketing firms in the world, having raised millions of dollars over the past two years alone.
September 10, 2018

Today Entertainment Network

Click anywhere on this post to access the Today Entertainment Network ("TENtv") that is selling advertising on Rich Multimedia Technologies (RMT) kiosks and iSIGN Smart Antennas located at Denver, Palm Springs and John Wayne airports.  TENtv offers the only curb-to-cabin, in-airport, mobile digital advertising and media network.  They offer contemporary content delivered directly to you phone, through the TENtv platform and make it easy to take with you. TENtv is a digital entertainment network powered by an integrated digital distribution platform designed exclusively to reach viewers with engaging, relevant content while extending mobile connectivity.  They offer on-location entertainment by delivering contemporary HD programming covering the latest news, sports and entertainment that viewers enjoy watching.  "We reach millions of customers where they gather, travel, eat, shop, relax and connect to get on-screen and mobile entertainment."
September 6, 2018

iSIGN Selected as First Partner Hero by IBM

Our business partner IBM is developing a project consisting of a series of films that they are calling Partner Heroes.  Their intent in producing these brief 2-minute videos is to elevate their global partners and clients by showcasing how they are coming together to innovate and improve end-client experience; optimize the customer journey and disrupt industries.  The quality of this series of videos will be consistent with IBM's latest "Let's Put Smart to Work" brand platform recently used for the US Open Championship.

iSIGN, as IBM's software solution provider since 2008, is both proud and honoured to have been chosen to be the first featured 'Partner Hero' with reseller input on iSIGN's technology, goals and planned applications of iSIGN' technology and hardware.

Being featured as an IBM 'Partner Hero' will help to promote iSIGN and our technology globally as well as help introduce both our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) and commercial messaging capabilities to IBM's global market channels.  The video is in process and is expected to be completed in a month's time.
September 6, 2018

Successful Close of Chilean Mining Pilot

As released earlier today, the Security Alert Messaging (SAM) pilot project with a major mining company in Chile has been successfully closed.  The next steps to be taken are being discussed by iSIGN's Chilean reseller Smart Sign, the mining company and iSIGN.

This pilot project has designed to allow the mine to familiarize themselves with the operation and management of the SAM technology and back-end reporting system and involved a selected number of employees and management at the mining operation's headquarters.  The mining company is looking for a system that allows management to communicate directly and easily with their employees both on and off site, for safety measures and for normal day-to-day communications, including the directing of staff to their specific work areas prior to arriving at the start of their shift and to remind them to bring the necessary safety and other certifications specific to the areas where they will be working that day.

Both iSIGN and its Chilean reseller, Smart Sign, anticipate that the successful completion of this pilot will aid with discussions currently underway with other mining companies in Chile as well as with other companies in this channel.
August 31, 2018

Smart City Discussions Canada

A preliminary meeting with a Canadian city located in the Greater Toronto Area was held Tuesday, August 28, between various representatives of the City, our Canadian reseller LED Solutions and iSIGN.

The meeting was to present our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) solution; its ability to use any number of contact options to convey messages to recipients; ease of use and benefits to the City.  The meeting went well and discussions will be continuing on a time table being set by the City.

Our efforts with cities in the province of Ontario are being supported and aided by our partnered insurance agency, who have reached out to a variety of their contacts as they see SAM as a method to potentially reduce insurance claims, thus saving cities money.  Our insurance representative also reported today that as a result of yesterday's shooting at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall, they have received inquiries about SAM, from cities they have previously had conversations with, as well as from cities they have yet to contact.