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March 2, 2018

Additonal Update on Security Alert Messaging and Schools

The Orange County Department of Education and Orange Unified School District have scheduled a security information session entitled "Active Shooter Response Presentation for Parents", to be held on March 6. This meeting includes a panel discussion with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Anaheim Police with parents and teachers.

 Rich Multimedia Technologies has been invited to this event to present and discuss our Security Alert Messaging (SAM). As was stated to us “There is huge pressure from parents and teachers to be proactive to avoid and/or deal with a school shooting.”

 Orange County and Orange Unified School Districts have approximately 40,000 students enrolled.

February 28, 2018

New School Security Alert System Unveiled by iSIGN

In light of the recent string of school shootings in the United States, school security is becoming increasing more of an issue with school boards. Discussions have been finalized with school officials and Safety Coordinators of a school district in Indiana and iSIGN will be demonstrating the effectiveness of their SAM system to them. The demonstration, scheduled for the week of March 5th, will be conducted in the Mt. Vernon Middle School, in Fortville, Indiana and will showcase the solution’s ability to rapidly alert students and faculty to a wide range of emergency situations such as an active shooter, intruder on the premises, or natural event. This pioneering solution is the first of it’s kind to not only rapidly alert students and faculty, but also give clear instructions on the quickest and safest method of avoiding the threat. While SAM aids in evacuating the premises, it can also alert police, EMT services, fire departments and other first responders depending on the nature of the emergency.

While SAM has already being introduced in locations in North, Central and South America, the demonstration in Mt. Vernon Middle School will serve as the first concentrated effort to utilize the mobile alert solution as a way of minimizing the deadliness of an active shooter and other threats. SAM merges both rapid mobile alerts with digital signage and proximity messaging, maximizing the chance that in the case of an emergency, students and faculty receive real-time information on the emergency and the best way of safely evacuating the premises. The solution can be integrated with existing alarms and other security measures to ensure that authorities arrive, and school attendees evacuate in as little time as possible.

While serving a core purpose in emergency situations, SAM can also be utilized for day-to-day interactions with teachers and students. By distributing standard messages and announcements as well as aiding in practice procedures such as fire drills, SAM will be utilized often and not just during emergency situations. This ensures that faculty and students have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the system and that the full capabilities of the SAM solution will still be fully utilized by the school. This also serves as a running status test to ensure there are no undiscovered outages, such as an alarm system that fails to function when needed because it has not been tested regularly.

This demonstration marks the beginning of iSIGN's involvement in school and workplace safety, as it continues to expand SAM’s presence in areas such as airports, businesses, shopping malls, government offices, sports stadiums, concert halls and places of worship. The genius of SAM lies in its ability to work as an effective emergency solution as well as serving as an effective day-to-day mobile alert system that can maximize its utility as a product. Additionally, discounts negotiated with insurance carriers by users of the SAM solution will reduce their costs. With school and safety officials well versed with the solution and its myriad applications, plans for expansions within the Mt. Vernon School District, as well as many other school boards across the country are already underway. This solution is intended to work with existing emergency response policies and systems, thereby enhancing the security of locations in concert with their existing safety measures. This is what makes SAM both a turnkey and a completely scalable solution.

The Mt. Vernon School District has six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, allowing the solution to be expanded in a variety of environments and building layouts. This ensures that the product is accessible to students of all ages and needs and can broadcast alerts to both students with and without a cellular device.

Once completed, this installation will serve as a model for all other public locations with safety concerns.

January 24, 2018

Update on Key Channel Progess

With the trials in Walmart stores located in Mexico confirmed, Rich Multimedia Technologies has ordered an additional 200 Smart Antennas - 600 Smart Antennas now ordered.  Once the trials are completed at the selected Walmart test locations, the opportunity will exist for further expansion into Walmart's 2,339 Mexican stores.

Installation of an initial 100 Smart Antennas into the Mexico City bus lines will be undertaken for commercial messaging by the bus line's advertising agency, to extend their advertising reach as well as to capture public response data.

Sal Haro, RMT's Chief Executive Officer, states "RMT Mexico is continuing to complete negotiations with demonstrations of Smart Antennas to retailers, casinos, hotels and airports, as well as to a Mexican political party seeking to promote their candidates in advance of a June 2018 national election."  Additionally, Mr. Haro reported that "Our mobile payment partner in RMT Mexico is working to integrate iSIGN's Smart Antennas and technology into their established mobile payment network."

Discussions for iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging (SAM) continue with airport security and technical staff.

Presently, iSIGN is preparing its Smart Antennas for shipment to RMT  for its airport and Mexican requirements.
January 11, 2018

Royal LePage Canada Corporate Trial

Push Digital Media, a subsidiary of our Canadian reseller LED Solutions, has been working with Royal LePage Canada's corporate office to introduce iSIGN's location-based proximity marketing technology and Smart Antennas, for use at their sales offices as well as at their listed properties.

Royal LePage has had a Smart Antenna installed at one of their sales offices, located in a small mall in Mississauga, Ontario for the past number of months.  They have stated they are pleased with the discoveries at their office - approximately 50,000 mobile devices - during the third and fourth quarters of calendar 2017.

Royal LePage has completed their review and analysis of the gathered metrics and is currently creating mobile specific content to capitalize on the significant potential of reaching home buyers by utilizing iSIGN's technology and Smart Antenna hardware.  Push Digital Media will continue to work closely with Royal LePage, who have allocated staff and resources to facilitate implementation, administration and content creation.  Royal LePage are eager to move forward with the next steps, including the administration of the back-end dashboard themselves.

The next step will be the broadcasting of messages from their office, for a short period of time; duration to be determined.  It is anticipated that at the conclusion of this demonstration of our functionality, that a contract will be entered into and discussions will begin for a roll-out into other Royal LePage offices nationally.

Royal LePage is a Canadian real estate franchiser and owner-operator, with more than 600 locations and 17,000 realtors in Canada.
December 27, 2017

Walmart Mexico Update

Further to our post on Friday, December 22, the trial in 20 of Walmart Mexico's 2,339 stores, involving an estimated 100 Smart Antennas, is to commence on a mutually chosen date in January, for a 60 day or less period.  It is expected that the commencement date will be determined in a meeting scheduled for January 8 with Walmart Mexico's Operations Manager, South Zone Mexico.
December 22, 2017

Update – Various

Walmart Mexico recently announced that they would be expanding their Wi-Fi network to all of their 2,339 stores by mid 2018.  The purpose being to collect user data and to promote on-line sales, as well as through their app.  However, their efforts have not demonstrated the results that were expected in the stores that currently have Wi-Fi capabilities.  Walmart executives stated to our reseller's Mexican representatives that their customers don't appear to be willing to give personal information in order to download Walmart's app.  On December 20, a letter of intent was delivered to our reseller committing Walmart Mexico to a paid trial of our Smart Antennas in 20 of stores located in Mexico City and the surrounding metropolitan area.  Expectation is for 5 Smart Antennas to be installed per store, for a total of 100 units.  Further meetings are currently scheduled for January 8.

The advertising company involved with the Mexican bus system is closing their office for the Christmas holidays, reopening on January 3.  Meetings to finalize agreements for Smart Antenna installation and advertising will be held at that time.

Our reseller in Chile is meeting with the security department of a major mining company with 3 mines currently in operation in Chile during the first week of January.  Additionally, our Chilean reseller has recently partnered with a major software, service and integration firm to expand their promotion of our Smart Antenna and technology, specifically SAM technology, with the target being their partner's existing industrial clients. 

Discussions and negotiations between airports and Rich Multimedia Technologies will be continuing throughout the Christmas holiday period as airports do not close their administrative and security offices/departments during the Christmas season.

As previously reported, We Build Apps has incorporated a number of non-iSIGN technologies into their contract with what will be the world's first smart mall.  Based on WBA's most recent update, they are working on converging these multiple solutions into a single unified back-end management and reporting system that co-ordinates, handles and manages all these different software technology systems. 
December 19, 2017

Smart Antenna Purchase Order Receipt

Rich Multimedia Technologies Inc. ("RMT") has issued an additional purchase order for 400 Smart Antennas for installation into bus systems in Mexico and airports located in the United States.  This shipment is expected to be completed during January 2018 as we receive shipping instructions from RMT.  It is expected that 260 Smart Antennas will be installed into buses and transit stations located in Mexico, with the balance installed in US airports.  Payment for this order, as well as for the original shipment of 100 Smart Antennas installed in US airports is anticipated by mid-January 2018. Initially, these networks will involve commercial messaging only, with Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") to be added once fees are confirmed with the end-client.  Security registration fees for the airports are expected to fall within a range of $5-10 US per subscriber. As more details are available for release, we will issue a press release.
December 14, 2017

Denver Airport Stats that Directly Relate to SAM & Smart Antenna Commercial Messaging

Click anywhere on this post to view some interesting statistics that we were just sent about Denver International Airport.  Total passengers for the 10 months ended October 31, 2017 were 51,515,354, a 5.7% increase from last year.  The number of flights, including air carriers, air taxi, general aviation and military at October 31, 2017 were 488,928, a 2.2% increase from last year. 

Further, we were verbally advised that the number of advertising impressions, according to Clear Channel, are 11,042,504 monthly and 132,510,045 annually.
December 4, 2017

iSIGN Resellers Maintaining Pace to Close Several Key Initiatives

iSIGN is working continuously with its resellers to assist them to help bring all ongoing negotiations and regulatory procedures to their earliest close, to mutually benefit from the resulting revenue streams.  The image on this post is a sample of the mobile phone content for one of the major Mexican bus lines and you can click anywhere on this post to see the full image.

It is our belief that the recent market activity and increased share prices reflects a confidence that contracts and revenues are close.