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February 25, 2021

Missing Children Alert System

We came across the recent article concerning a smart phone app and website to help police put out information on missing children.  This system is similar to what iSIGN is working on with its contacts in Mexico for the transit system.   Police chiefs endorse new 'Rescu' platform used to find missing kids (
February 23, 2021

OneWorld Smart Solutions Announces $5M USD Investment into iSIGN Media

Toronto, Ontario – February 22, 2021 – OneWorld Smart Solutions Holdings Corp. (“ONEWORLD”), a company involved in the fields of Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”) for COVID-19 as well as in the health and medical fields globally, is pleased to announce an agreement has been signed with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (“iSIGN” or “Company”), a Canadian public company (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF), a leading provider of interactive mobile proximity marketing and public security alert solutions for an investment of $5 million USD.

“iSIGN’s technology and hardware fits into our existing business model, as well as with other technologies that we are looking to acquire and/or develop,” stated Dallas Pokornik, ONEWORLD’s Communications Director. “We are always looking for new and exciting technologies that have a fit within our operations and we believe iSIGN’s mobile messaging and data capture technology is a strong fit.”

ONEWORLD, has recently enjoyed global and North American sales success in the PPE and related accessories field, through its related company, OneWorld Health Solutions Corp., especially since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. The company has recently moved its operations to Toronto Canada and its management were re-introduced to iSIGN due to iSIGN’s efforts to use its Safety Alert Messaging (“SAM”) technology to provide messaging in the medical, health and senior care fields.

ONEWORLD’s management first became aware of iSIGN in its original early start-up stage, when they were employed at IBM’s Global Software Solutions team and initiated a partnership with IBM as a Software Solutions Provider for Mobile Messaging and data capture. Twelve years later ONEWORLD has again found the right SAAS solution at the right time to scale ISIGN technology and sales in its planned introduction of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) based solution and network supported by IBM’s WATSON computing cloud. The product to be introduced will be a small tabletop device able to monitor the Health and Medical Metrics of patients in hospitals, at home, and in Senior Care facilities 24/7 with leading-edge sensors wirelessly in concert with ISIGN’s solutions.

ONEWORLD is scaling far beyond PPE equipment and is planning an entrance into the medical and health care fields globally with a safe, cost-effective, and lifesaving product to be available within the next six months from ISIGN.

ONEWORLD has the financial resources to commit to this new iSIGN investment as well as to the hiring of staff and new management to allow for the scaling of sales and expansion into global markets with new and improved technologies.

The closing of this agreement is subject to review and acceptance by the TSX-V Exchange.

About OneWorld Smart Solutions Holding Corp.
OneWorld, a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario Canada is a privately owned holding company that through its related company, OneWorld Health Solutions Corp., operates as a sales agent connecting buyers and sellers in the fields of Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”) for COVID-19 as well as in the health and medical fields globally.
February 11, 2021

Clarification on up to $6.9 Million Offering

As stated in our press release of February 1, the closing of this offering was expected on or about February 8, 2021, subject to receiving all necessary regulatory approvals.  Filings have been done with the TSX and we are working with them on their requirements.
February 8, 2021

Hi-Tek/Omni Veil and the State of Florida

Hi-Tek is promoting their Omni Veil app to the State of Florida as a method of delivering safety alerts, municipal alerts and travel information for nearby roads and highways with the state - ‎Omni Veil on the App Store (    
January 22, 2021

iSIGN Media’s New Smart Pod Unit

We have issued our first purchase order for the new enhanced Smart Pod units.  Delivery of the units is anticipated by early to mid February.   Units will be available for orders in multiples of 20 to 500.      
December 30, 2020

Receipt of Enhanced POD Units

Today, we received a number of our newly developed enhanced POD units from the manufacturer.   These units will be subject to vigorous testing procedures over the next week to ensure that they operate to our specifications and requirements.  The units include the upgraded SAM app that was just approved for release in the Apple and Google App Stores. Our resellers have been made aware of the arrival of these units and are eagerly waiting for the completion of the testing and their eventual release for their use.  We anticipate being able to supply demonstration POD units to our resellers in early January 2021 and conclude forecasted quantity requirements of our resellers shortly thereafter.
December 29, 2020

Update on iSIGN’s Pods

Today we received long awaited final approval from the Apple App Store for our upgraded SAM app, and for the redeveloped POD unit.  Approval from the Google Store was received previously for our upgraded SAM app. Our resellers have been asked to forecast their immediate and short term requirements for the POD unit so that we can date delivery timeframes with the manufacturer of these units.
December 7, 2020

New iSIGN Reseller

Today iSIGN signed a five year renewable non-exclusive reseller agreement with USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC and Family of Companies (Entertainment), located in Colorado (  Entertainment and its related companies operate in a number of different channels that could utilize our solutions, including mobile highway advertising, and sports stadium and arena advertising among others. Adding another reseller into our fold allows us to expand our reach into channels that are important to us and that could certainly benefit from iSIGN's technology and hardware solutions, for both commercial messaging and safety/security messaging (SAM) and increases the number of end-users that can be exposed to our solutions.
December 3, 2020

iSIGN Reseller Update

Hi-Tek Media has been presenting our solution to several large potential end users as well as large existing networks.  These opportunities are for iSIGN's Smart Antenna and Smart Pod units in concert with the Omni Veil network and hinge on the completion of iSIGN's new and enhanced  Smart Pod units.  Currently, the expected completion of the new Smart Pod is late December or early January 2021.  Hi-Tek's emergency vehicle installation is also waiting for the completion of the enhanced Smart Pod. Corbiz has been introducing our upgraded (mass registration, customer specific backends with an option for private labeling)  SAM technology to a number of corporate owners of seniors' homes, operating in Canada and the United States. Currently, iSIGN is in discussions with a potential reseller interested in using our SAM and Smart Pod units for the public transit channel in Central America.  Additionally, iSIGN has recently been approached by a company with operations in multiple major channels (over five) in the US.  At the present time discussions are in a preliminary stage and are focused on the transportation industry, utilizing SAM and Smart Pod units. This will all finish in a single unit housing our technology for all applications, both indoor and outdoor including brick and mortar and vehicular installations, to be introduced as iSIGN's Smart Suite.