Recent News

December 11, 2018

Smart Antenna Pricing

In keeping with the pricing model of all other Software-as-a-Service companies, where hardware is included as part of a monthly fee as opposed to a separate charge, iSIGN is now pricing its commercial messaging to include hardware and broadcasting into one single easily managed monthly fee. This fee structure now eliminates the need for a client to make an upfront payment for equipment and eases clients' entry into the proximity based mobile marketing channel.

December 7, 2018

iSIGN Technology Introduction to the American Insurance Channel

As a part of Conservaco's marketing and promotional efforts, they have been reaching out to insurance brokers and underwriters to introduce them to iSIGN's commercial and security technologies. The purpose of this is two-fold - to introduce our technology for possible referral of iSIGN technology to Conservaco's clients, as well as to determine any potential savings those organizations could get on their insurance premiums with the addition of iSIGN's SAM technology.

The feedback on SAM has been positive, and has included comments such as:

  • Subjective discounts could be applied by an underwriter on a risk-by-risk basis, as the implementation of SAM demonstrates attention being paid to good risk management and good loss-mitigation practices.
  • We could see offering some premium relief for a system like this with specific insureds, such as insureds subject to high theft or a mall with lots of tenants to communicate a message to its guests sooner rather later to avoid potential loss.
  • Event and concert venues may find SAM useful for risk management as they would need to communicate security alerts to large groups of people, in light of recent events in the news.
  • iSIGN would provide a rating of the exposure and apply modifiers based upon our judgement of the potential risks.

November 30, 2018

iSIGN’s Newest Feature – Wireless Connectivity

With the recent signing of the contract with Mtrex Network Solutions, we believe that we have made a major move forward as our technology can now be utilized anywhere, without the need for fixed data network connections. Additionally, it addresses IT department concerns over having products connected to their networks.

This wireless connectivity is important for: use in outdoor installations, vehicles (cars, delivery vans, buses, transport trucks, etc.) or at other locations where there is no fixed internet connection, such as parking garages, mining sites, subways, etc..

This added feature for iSIGN's Smart Antennas is being promoted by our resellers to their clients and is now also a part of the ongoing promotion by Conservaco to their many contacts in the advertising/marketing world, airports and in the investment community.

We believe that this increased promotion will help to raise our profile in the US, which has the capacity of being a major market for iSIGN technology, both in safety/security and in commercial messaging, as well as elsewhere.

With this added feature and our relatively new Security Alert Messaging (SAM), we look forward to an iSIGN revitalization in the US investment community.

Additionally, our iSIGN Media Facebook and iSIGN Media Twitter accounts have recently been updated and refreshed to reflect our new website and will be further expanded in social media channels.

November 27, 2018

ISIGN Adds Global Wireless Connectivity Feature For All Solutions

As previously posted, iSIGN has been investigating the inclusion of an external cellular modem and companion data plan and working with a major international wireless provider on a contract to utilize its modem and data plans.

Providing wireless connectivity allows Smart Antenna usage wherever a fixed network connection doesn't exist, such as in our current Las Vegas emergency vehicle project. The modem and data plan provided by our newest business partner will enable our Smart Antennas and Mobile Smart Antennas to operate without the need to be connected to the data infrastructure of any client, thus bypassing perceived issues often introduced by IT departments who take issue with any uncommon device being added to their networks.  As our wireless provider offers worldwide data coverage, the new internal modem will function in all world markets with a single solution.

The terms of our provider's contract have been reviewed and verbally accepted.  A contract will be signed and further information will be released shortly after.

November 27, 2018

iSIGN Invited to Participate in Chile Mission

iSIGN has been invited by Ontario's Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade to participate in an upcoming Information and Communications Technologies Mission in Chile on January 14-16, 2019.

This mission, as outlined to us, will be primarily comprised of a customized agenda of B2B meetings.  iSIGN was invited as our technology encompasses many of the elements that the Ministry has identified for this Technology Mission, including mobile communications & data, big data, security, retail solutions, IT solutions for the mining sector, and business productivity solutions.

Note that the Ministry is targeting Chile as they consider that "Chile is a leader in South America in early adoption of information technologies, and its mobile market is among the most advanced in the region.  The Chilean market is often used as the launching pad for new technologies in South America."

November 20, 2018

Rebranded iSIGN Website Launches Today

As announced on November 14, the rebranded iSIGN website will be live today - November 20, 2018. Since the website work is being done on the west coast, and to minimize downtime, the new site will go live at 8:30 PM PST / 11:30 PM EST. Once the new site is live, PR and IR campaigns will follow to a media list with "more than 700 contacts".
November 14, 2018

New iSIGN Website

The iSIGN website has been rebuilt and is in its final review and editing stage.  We anticipate the site will be up and running within 7 days.  The new site will be more product and technology informative than our existing site.  Once the site is live, PR and IR campaigns will follow.
October 22, 2018


iSIGN's Board has met and agreed on a January 18, 2019 date for the AGM.  The necessary paperwork will be filed with our transfer agent this week, with the corresponding Sedar filing and related announcements to follow.
October 12, 2018

iSIGN Smart Antenna to Incorporate Cellular Capability with New Agreement

Due to rapidly increasing interest for the Mobile Smart Antenna package, the iSIGN Smart Antenna will be made available with an external cellular modem and companion data plan to enable it to be fully functional anywhere that cellular service exists, untethered to a fixed data network.

Additionally, the modem will be integrated into the existing Smart Antenna and Mobile Smart Antenna enclosures, resulting in a single unit that can be placed anywhere, which is a key need for mines, airport parking structures, vehicles and any other location where there is no data network connection available.  This built-in modem capability will greatly benefit the current Las Vegas emergency vehicle project.

The modem and data plan supplied by the major international wireless provider will enable our Smart Antennas and Mobile Smart Antennas to operate without the need to plug into the data infrastructure of any client, thus bypassing perceived obstacles that are often introduced by IT departments who frown upon any uncommon device being added to their networks.

The wireless provider offers worldwide data coverage, so the new internal modem will function in all world markets with a single solution.

This agreement successfully completes our discussions and negotiations with the provider that commenced at the start of September, that were initiated by the provider. Release of the provider's name is being withheld at their direction, pending their decision on the issuance of possible press releases.