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April 6, 2020

No-Charge SAM Offer Receives Very Positive Response and Requests for Information

Since the announcement on March 23 that our SAM solution was available at no-charge for a six month period due to the onset of Coronavirus/COVID-19, iSIGN has received a great many requests expressing interest in SAM and requests for information from a variety of channels, including cities, communities and retirement/nursing homes. iSIGN is currently signing a representation agreement with a retirement and nursing home company, who has a working relationship with thousands of such homes in Canada.  This agreement allows them to introduce SAM to these homes.  They will be soliciting for the eventual conversion of registrations into paid subscriptions during the no-charge period, eventually leading to revenue. This company shares iSIGN's desire to contribute towards maintaining instant and daily updates to both home residents and family members.  SAM is viewed by the seniors channel as a tool for giving constant reminders to seniors to keep following the steps to avoid the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and to maintain instant and positive in-home news and event announcements. As this firm shares iSIGN's desire to contribute towards a slowing down and eventual end to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, they will be introducing SAM and iSIGN to their contacts on a no-charge basis during SAM's no-charge period.
April 3, 2020

Safety Alert Messaging (SAM) at Abington Court Retirement Residence

The use of iSIGN's SAM technology at Abington Court Retirement Residence in Hamilton, Ontario is being launched today.  Registration of the residents and their family members is underway and the Residence's administrator has created their initial messages:   Abington Court Visits: Family members:  New protocol in place for visiting residents during the COVID-19 restrictions.  Check details on our website before coming.   Abington Court Masks: Abington Residents:  A new shipment of COVID masks has arrived.  Pick yours up at the front entrance.   The home's trials and research has shown that the use of SAM reduces their daily communication time from 4 hours to roughly 15 minutes.      
April 1, 2020

Hi-Tek Media/Omni Veil Inc. Partners with iSIGN Media for Safety Alert Messaging (“SAM”) to Provide the Public with Instant Mobile Alerts for COVID-19 at No Charge

Late yesterday Hi-Tek Media and their sister company Omni Veil Inc., issued a press release announcing the use of our SAM technology at no-charge in the United States.  The following is a link to their release, as covered by Market  
March 26, 2020

iSIGN’s No-Charge Safety Alert Messaging (SAM) Can Generate Sponsorship Revenue

iSIGN is making its SAM technology available at no-charge during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis, as is Hi-Tek Media and Omni Veil Inc.  We have been asked if we would object to a site, a nursing or retirement home for example, arranging to have their Coronavirus/COVID-19 messaging sponsored by local businesses or local/national advertisers.  Our response has and will continue to be that we would not object to this. Our desire is to simply provide a communication tool during this crisis situation and to do whatever is possible to combat the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.  
March 25, 2020

Wall Street News Network Report on iSIGN

We thought you might be interested in the following Wall Street News Network posting that was recently put online.
March 23, 2020

Clarification of our No Charge Security Alert Messaging (“SAM”) Press Release from Earlier Today

iSIGN, Hi-Tek and Omni Veil have received a number of calls concerning the implementation of our SAM technology.  During these calls there have been a few standard questions asked of us.  We would like to take this opportunity to  address those questions for all:
  1.  SAM is a pure technology/software solution.  It does not require the installation or use of any hardware devices.  The administrator(s) for the hospital, retirement home, etc. would simply use their internet browser to access iSIGN's back end system. log into their account, create their messages and send them.
  2. Employees, for example, of those sites using SAM would subscribe for these messages by downloading our SAM app from either the Apple or Google Play store.  Once they are registered, as messages are sent by the administrator, they will be received.  Note there is no fee for the download of our SAM app.
  3. Training of the administrators on the use of SAM would be handled by webinar or phone call.  No need for on-site visits or face to face meetings.
  4. All can be handled quickly, easily and efficiently online.
iSIGN, Hi-Tek and Omni Veil look forward to having our SAM solution in place with interested parties and their registered subscribers in order to help combat the spread of COVID-19.
March 17, 2020

Omni Veil Press Release

Omni Veil has expanded upon their social media promotion of the Omni Veil network with a press release, that is now featured on their website.  Click on the link to see their release.   Omni Veil Press Release       Omni Veil
March 17, 2020

The Omni Veil Website is Now Live

We are happy to announce that the website for the Omni Veil's network is now live.  Click on the link to visit the site.   Omni Veil's website   Omni Veil
March 13, 2020

Hi-Tek and Omni Veil Announcement

Hi-Tek advises they expect their Omni Veil website to be finalized and live by Wednesday of next week.  Additionally, they have advised us that they will be releasing a press release once the site goes live. iSIGN looks forward to Hi-Tek an Omni Veil's release and their ongoing promotion of the network, delivering messaging and safety alerts to mobile devices from both mobile as well as brick and mortar locations. Hi Tek Media Omni Veil