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April 10, 2019

Collision Conference and the City of Richmond Hill

The City of Richmond Hill will be attending the Collision Conference in Toronto, Ontario on May 20 - May 23, 2019.  As a part of the York Region, the City of Richmond Hill will have a booth at this event and will promote Richmond Hill as "The Smart Place for Business"; a city that has a strong presence of technology companies and other major corporate businesses. The City of Richmond Hill is including iSIGN in their material for this show as they feel that "iSIGN Media is an amazing, technologically advanced company".  iSIGN Media will also be attending the show, as this is a major annual technology conference.  Toronto was the successful bidder to hold this year's show and has also been awarded the show for the next 2 years as well. This technology conference is expected to attract approximately 25,000 people from across the world and is an extremely good opportunity for iSIGN to meet a variety of companies and their representatives to discuss and promote our technology. iSIGN and the City of Richmond Hill have been working together for a number of years, as evidenced by this Richmond Hill brochure that has been a part of their Economic Development promotion material for some time.  The City's representatives recently reached out to us reiterating their desire to become Canada's first "Smart City" and to discuss iSIGN Media's hardware offering that could help them achieve this endeavor.
April 1, 2019

iSIGN Product Upgrades Enhancements

Over the past few months, iSIGN has been working to enhance its product line based on reseller/client feedback. Now, in addition to the Smart Antenna and SAM, we offer:
  1. Smart Antenna V2 – adds several new features to leverage Bluetooth Low Energy applications allowing for multiple channels of proximity messaging with Bluetooth and Wi-FI; messaging to Internet and including additional SAM (lite) messaging to any distance anywhere as well. All capture response and opt-in data on Smart Antenna and Google dashboards in real time.
  2. Smart POD, each with customized opt-in logo and dashboard. Powered by a battery with a 5-year life for ease of installation. The unit weighs 4 oz. and is capable of being used both indoors and outdoors, in a single or network messaging application, delivering messaging to any mobile device within 250 ft. proximity as well as capturing device and response data to a customized Google Analytics dashboard in real time. The unit can be integrated with the Smart Antenna or as a standalone unit.
  3. Smart PODX, adds SAM (lite) messaging, adding any distance anywhere messaging anytime. This exclusive IP solution messages in proximity and will continue to message devices in and to any distant location. This exclusive one of a kind IP of proximity and long-distance range messaging can be used as a standalone device, or in conjunction with the Smart Antenna.
March 26, 2019

New Enhanced Smart Antenna Introduction Update

We are pleased to announce that we have shipped a number of the newly enhanced Smart Antenna circuit Pods to Hi-Tek Media as requested for confirmation and their customer approval. The enhanced introduction units have also been shipped to several of our newly contracted resellers and existing partners.
March 18, 2019

iSIGN Announces 4 Year Partnership Agreement and Receipt of Purchase Order from Hi-Tek Media

iSIGN is pleased to announce that Hi-Tek Media, a US based digital marketing firm has signed a 4 year partnership agreement and has issued a purchase order for 1,000 Smart Antennas and 1,000 SAM subscriptions.  Under the terms of the purchase order, the Smart Antennas are to be delivered between April and December 31, 2019.  The SAM subscriptions are anticipated to be utilized  within the same time frame. The partnership agreement includes Hi-Tek's use of iSIGN technical and engineering services to provide the development of customized solutions for Hi-Tek's customers on an as required basis.  Hi-Tek is immediately targeting a number of channels and markets in the United States and expects to be expanding their channels and markets into Canada. "We value our partnership with Hi-Tek Media and look forward to providing them with our Interactive Mobile Proximity marketing and SAM solutions for their new Omni Veil network installations," said Alex Romanov, iSIGN's President.  "Our patented and other technology available to Hi-Tek goes far beyond interactive proximity marketing.  With the addition of our SAM solution, our technologies will assist all levels of governments as well as schools, businesses and  churches to deliver instant notifications of normal day-to-day communications as well as emergency related alerts.  All of iSIGN's existing and future technology and tools will be available to Hi-Tek for the creation of their Omni Veil platform." For information on Omni Veil, please go to:
March 1, 2019

Further Update on Las Vegas Reseller

Further to our February 27 post regarding requests for specific data gathering and customized reporting for certain clients of our reseller, iSIGN is pleased to announce that our original and now enhanced Interaction Messaging Solution (IMS) system is complete and available to satisfy the requests from our reseller and their clients.

February 27, 2019

Update on Las Vegas Reseller Announcement

Further to previous announcements concerning our Las Vegas reseller, they have been introducing our technology and capabilities to their client base. In their discussions with clients, certain technology questions and issues have been raised, including data gathering and customized reporting to suit their individual clients' desires and needs.

Once these matters have been looked into, addressed and resolved, additional announcements will be forthcoming from both our reseller and from iSIGN.

February 6, 2019

Campus Mass Notification System Fails

The University of California had an active shooter situation near their campus on January 10, 2019. Their alert system malfunctioned and 72% of their subscribers did not receive a timely message:

University of California Mass Notification System Fails

As stated in the above report, this situation was caused by a 'glitch' in the nightly updating process of the contact database. The university stated that it tests its alarm system twice a year and that there were no issues uncovered at the time of their tests. As the article didn't state when these tests were carried out, this issue with the nightly updating process may have existed for quite some time prior to the incident.

Our SAM system with messaging controlled and generated by the user, can also be used for the sending of non-emergency messages. As such, we have a built-in method for the user to ensure that the system is always working. Messages for non-emergency purposes - a school event; congratulating a sports team on a victory, announcing a guest speaker, etc. - essentially acts as the test of the system. Our back-end system, fully accessible, used and monitored by the location, provides details on all messages sent as well as on the time of delivery to each registrant.

Additionally, SAM allows for messaging in a variety of formats - iSIGN apps; emails and text messages and has the capability to be integrated with other systems such as digital signage, loudspeakers, social media, etc. and can also be linked with first responders (police, fire, ambulance services). The ability to use multiple delivery methods allows for multiple options for the delivery of messages. Again, helping to ensure that messages are delivered in a timely manner to all registrants.

All of which makes SAM an excellent system for the delivery of emergency messaging by any organization concerned about the safety of the public - schools, government offices, malls, transportation centres, office buildings, etc.

January 30, 2019

iSIGN Signs MOU with Remote Media, a major Chilean Digital Signage Company

Remote Media,, is one of the companies that iSIGN met with on the recent Chilean mission held by the Ontario government and sponsored by the Chilean Association of Technology Companies. Remote Media is a major digital signage company in Chile, with many large clients in various industries, including the mines that iSIGN is presently working with, as well as others in the mining industry.

The MOU outlines the channels that they wish to represent iSIGN to - mining, security and retail - for both our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) and Smart Antenna commercial mobile messaging.

In discussions that have been held with Remote Media, subsequent to our return from the mission to Chile, Remote Media has requested that the term for their reseller agreement be 3 years; that they will provide full service to all of their clients, including content support, dashboard management, training to clients, installation and service.

Additional information will be made available when the reseller agreement is signed by both parties.

January 25, 2019

Mark Thimmig Voted onto iSIGN’s Board of Directors at AGM

In mid-December, we posted that Mark had been accepted by iSIGN's Board as a director pending his filing of the required documents with the necessary regulatory bodies and their approval of him as a director.

Mark Thimmig, a leading expert in digital marketing and brand development, was voted onto iSIGN’s Board of Directors by the Company's shareholders at iSIGN's January 18, 2019 AGM.

Mr. Thimmig, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of California-based Conservaco, LLC and Ignite Agency brings 35+ years of executive experience to iSIGN, having held senior leadership positions with Fortune 100/500 companies, in various executive roles including Chief Executive and President, as well as serving on various Boards as a Director.

His past business experience includes the founding and leading of multiple companies along with senior management roles at General Motors, AutoNation, Phaeton Automotive Group; Varsity Group and Coopers & Lybrand. Thimmig’s background includes global entrepreneurship; envisioning, transforming, innovating and communicating; education management; finance, mergers and acquisitions; tech and esports business development; brand strategy and management; commercial real-estate; facilities development and management; as well as developing strategic partnerships and alliances.