Recent News

July 29, 2019

iSIGN – York Region Employer of Choice

We are pleased to announce that York Region, where our office is located, has selected iSIGN as an 'Employer of Choice' and will shortly be posting a short iSIGN video on its Workforce Planning webpage.  iSIGN was selected for a variety of reasons, including our tenure as a technology company in York Region; the uniqueness of our technology and its use for both commercial and security purposes; that we are one of the few companies in York Region involved in the area of 'data' and the opportunities for software development and programming employment opportunities.  We are appreciative of the opportunities that York Region and the City of Richmond Hill are exposing us to.
July 25, 2019

Hi-Tek Press Release

Further to Hi-Tek Media's press release today (July 25, 2019), please note that the 1,600-unit Omni Veil Network is based upon their Nevada needs only. We expect that each of the states mentioned in their release (Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Massachusetts) for 2019 expansion, as well as the six additional states for first quarter 2020 expansion will match or extend Nevada's requirements.

iSIGN's revenue for commercial messaging is based on our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) pricing, which will be in the range of $3-$5 US per day per hardware unit. Security Alert Messaging is also a part of the Omni Veil network, with pricing to be negotiated based where it is being used. Additionally, we would like to point out that the Omni Veil Apps are the property of Hi-Tek Media as they are paying for their development.

The photo below shows the Omni Veil logo and messaging samples from the network.

July 13, 2019

Omni Veil App Now in Apple’s App Store

iSIGN is pleased to announce that as of 8:00 PM Friday July 12, the Omni Veil app was approved by the Apple App Store administrators.  The Omni Veil App is now available in both Google Store and Apple's App Store for immediate download.  With the app now available for download to iPhones, Hi-Tek Media is able to move on to the next stage of completing terms and agreements with their advertisers.  For those looking to download the app, look for the Omni Veil logo in the Google store or Apple's App Store.  
July 11, 2019

Omni Veil App – Functionality for Road Alerts

The attached video was created to demonstrate one of the many functionalities of the Omni Veil app.  In this case, road-side emergency situations, for use by two of Hi-Tek Media's national advertising clients. Omni Veil App
July 9, 2019

Hi-Tek Media’s Mobile Omni Veil Signage

Hi-Tek is producing magnetic signage for their tow truck client to use on their vehicles.  The following is a sample, with signs to be on both doors and on the back of the vehicle as well.  
July 9, 2019

Hi-Tek Media’s Omni Veil Signage

As part of Hi-Tek's promotion of the Omni Veil network, powered by iSIGN's technology, they are producing vehicle/in-store signage to encourage the download of their Omni Veil app.  The signage is currently being printed and will look like this.          
July 8, 2019

Hi-Tek Media Preparing Omni Veil Mobile Ads

Hi-Tek has prepared several ads/messaging for use on the Omni Veil network for their clients' campaigns.  Additionally, they are preparing vehicle and bricks and mortar Omni Veil signage for installation.  These are expected to be in place later this week.  
June 13, 2019

Update on Hi-Tek Media’s Omni Veil Network and Advertiser Presentations

Hi-Tek Media is currently preparing mobile and stationary installations, as well as test content to be used in presentations to select advertisers.  These presentations are to start during the week of June 17. These select advertisers have already expressed a high degree of interest in delivering messages and content to mobile phones/devices, both in proximity to installed hardware, as well as to registered recipients regardless of current location and distance from iSIGN hardware. Omni Veil will be using both brick and mortar and mobile locations to reach an audience in the 10s of millions through the use of iSIGN's patented technology and our various hardware units, utilizing an exclusive one-time app enabler created for Google and Apple phones. Additional information will be made public as Hi-Tek authorizes its release.  
May 21, 2019

iSIGN in Discussions with Payolog LLC

We are pleased to announce that the Chief Marketing Officer for Payolog ( flew in from California and visited our office today for a face to face meeting to continue previous discussions and to further review our technology and its fit with their technology solutions. Payolog is an Irvine, California based company, with offices in Calgary and the UAE.  They are a processing company that provides a variety of payment system solutions in a number of fields, including: automated fare collection; mobile ticketing; event ticketing; loyalty management; credit and debit card management; prepaid card management; POS/terminal management and mobile city platforms. A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed as a preliminary step towards reaching their stated goal of becoming a Value Added Reseller/Integrator for iSIGN technology.  Their desire is to add our proven mobile messaging capabilities to their technology for their clients, as well as to sell our technology as a standalone system to other companies. Further discussions are scheduled to continue towards the end of the month.