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August 4, 2020

Corbiz Strategies Partners with iSIGN Media

We thought you might like to see Corbiz's recent piece in Suske Capital's weekly newsletter.  Suske Capital is a Canadian boutique private equity firm that invests in real estate, finance, emerging technology, alternative energy and healthcare.  Suske Capital was founded by Steve Suske,  who is also the founder of Chartwell Retirement Residences.  
July 29, 2020

Proof of Concept Program in Chicago

Prior to the start of the Coronavirus situation in the United States, we had been in discussions with a company based in Florida and Chicago for a proof of concept program for proximity commercial messaging in Chicago.  Unfortunately, with the measures taken in Chicago at the end of March, the program was delayed. We are pleased to advise that the program is now going ahead and has been expanded to include our Safety Alert Messaging solution ("SAM") as well. Training sessions have been held and hardware units are being installed so that presentations can be made to various advertisers and companies.  
July 17, 2020

SAM Upgrades Approved by Corbiz Strategies, iSIGN’s Senior Homes Reseller

With the recent upgrades to SAM now in place (mass registration, customer specific backends and the option of private labeling) and the related demonstration and training, Corbiz Strategies has reinforced their commitment to iSIGN and SAM by adding us to their website as a partner.  
July 13, 2020

Corbiz Strategies and SAM Update

This morning, the upgrades to SAM were reviewed with, and demonstrated to, Corbiz Strategies.   The upgrades being mass registrations, customer specific dashboards and private label options. The meeting went well and with these upgrades in hand, Corbiz is now finalizing an email introduction of iSIGN's SAM solution to approximately 500 retirement home Chief Executive Officers in Canada and preparing a newsletter to introduce private labelling and mass registrations to their current clients.  This will include a specific promotion to a key capital funding corporation entirely focused on funding senior and retirement homes.

Corbiz is aiming to have all of this completed for this Friday (July 17).

June 30, 2020

Covid-19 and Retirement Homes Update

We have one main reseller in each of the US and Canada.  Both have had great positive responses from seniors and retirement homes they have presented SAM to.  Several homes have been activated, which resulted in requests for mass (bulk) registrations of patients and family members from their database. The mass registration feature has been created and successfully demonstrated.  This was then followed up with requests for individualized dashboards allowing homes to run their own network.  This step is now almost completed.  Once completed, it will allow for very quick scaling for greater numbers of single and chains of seniors' homes and care facilities.
June 23, 2020

Report on iSIGN by

We were forwarded this link by one of our shareholders earlier today.  It is an article published by, a leading provider and publisher of stock market news, initial public offering (IPO) news, new stock listings and stocks to watch, commentary, business news, financial news and content on the USA & World Markets. is for information only and not investment advice. We have seen recent interest from European and Asian companies driven by our Collision Conference 2020 involvement. We thought you might be interested in reading it.
June 23, 2020

Omni Veil Video

Hi-Tek Media and Omni Veil Inc. have completed their video presentation of the Omni Veil Network (powered by iSIGN) and uploaded it to their website.  They are looking forward to growing their Omni Veil Network as Las Vegas continues with its emergence from Covid-19 restrictions and to its eventual expansion outside of Las Vegas.    
June 22, 2020

Collision Conference 2020 – June 23 to 25

This years' Collision Conference will be strictly an on-line event due to Covid-19 restrictions.  iSIGN has been invited by the City of Richmond Hill to participate in and to present to various companies interested in learning more about our technology and  its capabilities. The website for Collision Conference 2020 is:
June 15, 2020

Private (White) Labeling of SAM

Certain organizations that we and our resellers have discussed SAM with have asked about the possibility of private labeling SAM under their own name.   We have no issues with an organization private labeling SAM.