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December 13, 2019

‘Live’ at a Las Vegas Truck Stop

Here is an example of the continued growth of the Omni Veil Digital Platform, which is fully powered by iSIGN's patented technology and hardware.

Hi-Tek has, at their own expense, purchased and installed digital signage for a gas station location for the purposes of providing a demonstration of iSIGN's technology in delivering messages to mobile devices along with digital signage. One of our technicians forwarded the below picture from this gas station location that the Hi-Tek/Omni Veil system operates on. Additionally, we included below some examples of the ads that are being delivered to mobile devices as well as displayed on the gas pump digital signage.

In addition to being used for commercial content, the signage will also advertise the Omni Veil Digital Platform at the pumps. Note that this truck stop is affiliated with other truck stop locations across the United States.

December 13, 2019

Further Update on the Hotel/Casino Chain

Yesterday our senior technician met with staff of Hi-Tek/Omni Veil to review and demonstrate installation procedures (Smart Antenna, PODs, modems, etc.) and connectivity.  This demonstration as well as the resulting Q and A , was fully documented, in writing and by video and photos by their staff.

Our technician walked their staff through a comprehensive, detailed review of our back-end dashboards and demonstrated the procedures for loading ads (note that iSIGN had loaded the samples ads currently in use on the live Omni Veil network).  Again, all of this was fully documented by staff to their stated complete satisfaction.

Today, our technician will be with Hi-Tek for their further meeting with the  hotel/casino chain, to provide input with their ongoing presentations, specifically demonstrating hardware functionality, messaging (both commercial and security), reporting and to provide suggestions for unit placement and installations.

As well, he will be taken to Quality Towing to inspect the installed units to comment upon and provide possible suggestions to improve upon their processes and unit placement for Hi-Tek's next shipment of hardware for emergency vehicles.

Additionally, he will be with Hi-Tek/Omni Veil when they meet with one of the truck stop locations that Hi-Tek anticipates signing on as an Omni Veil Digital Platform site and advertiser.

As always, further updates will be provided as forwarded and approved for release.

December 12, 2019

Omni Veil Hotel/Casino Chain Update

As announced on December 6, Hi-Tek Media and Omni Veil Inc. continues with their  meetings with one of their targeted hotel/casino chains.  Hi-Tek has reported that the presentation made on Monday, December 9 was well received.  The hotel has requested additional information and a further meeting is in progress. iSIGN's senior technician arrived in Las Vegas this morning to meet with Hi-Tek's staff to provide assistance and guidance with regards to certain proposed installation sites and technical requirements and needs.  Additionally, he will be assisting Hi-Tek in their completion of a training video for hardware installations into brick and mortar locations. Further updates will be provided as known and approved for release.  
December 9, 2019

Omni Veil Digital Platform Sample Ads

We thought you might like to see 2 sample ads that have been loaded to the Omni Veil network for broadcast on emergency vehicles, truck stops and hotels.

December 6, 2019

Omni Veil Network Update

With the recent installations into emergency vehicles, Hi-Tek reports that they are moving forward with continued discussions and presentations to several prospective brick and mortar host sites for iSIGN's Smart Antenna and POD units. Included in these presentations is a third meeting with one of their targeted hotels/casinos located in Las Vegas, currently scheduled for Monday, December 9.  This discussion would be strictly for an installation into the first Las Vegas location, but could lead to installations throughout their various properties located across the continental United States.
November 28, 2019

iSIGN Prepping Smart Antennas for New Unit Requirements

iSIGN is starting to prepare and ready the next 600 Smart Antennas for US-based clients.  Preparation includes testing to ensure each unit has our latest software update and installation of more powerful commercial grade SIM cards into the Smart Antennas to ensure full functionality. Additionally, modems will be stocked in inventory to more quickly respond to the needs of our clients and reduce delays in shipments.
November 25, 2019

Omni Veil Update

As reported November 18, iSIGN's Senior Technician/Business Development, Systems and Data was in Las Vegas during the later part of last week to discuss Hi-Tek's ongoing needs and requirements from a scaling perspective, as well as their next step requirements for hardware. Hi-Tek reported that the initial installations into emergency vehicles were accomplished without problems or issues.  Further, Hi-Tek stated that the initial Omni Veil vehicular installations would be going live on or about December 5. Additionally, it was agreed that any future needs for technological discussions/conversations would be handled via webinar with all necessary parties, as opposed to having face to face visits.  The desire for webinars is to reduce the costs of gathering all parties into one location that can be difficult to schedule and ensures that meetings can be held on a cost and time efficient and effective basis.
November 20, 2019

iSIGN Meeting with City of Richmond Hill and ventureLAB

iSIGN has been asked by the City of Richmond Hill's Economic Innovation and Partnerships department to meet with representatives of the City and ventureLAB on November 26 to discuss our  technology.  ventureLAB is York Region's leading technology hub that supports entrepreneurs, innovators and small businesses. This meeting provides an opportunity for iSIGN to further strengthen its relationship with the City.  Additionally, it provides us with an opportunity for introduction to venture capitalists and to potentially source additional tech support that may be required as the Omni Veil network rolls out through Nevada and other states.
November 18, 2019

Omni Veil Network Installations

Installations into Las Vegas emergency vehicles started on Thursday, November 14 and continued over this past weekend.  There were no major challenges or issues experienced and Hi-Tek has stated they were pleased with the overall general ease of installation. Hi-Tek anticipates that as their installation staff now has actual hands-on experience with installation the equipment, that the speed of installation will improve. iSIGN's senior technician/Business Development, Systems and Data, will be on site in Las Vegas later this week to discuss Hi-Tek's ongoing needs and requirements from a scaling perspective, as well as their next step requirements for hardware.