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March 10, 2018

Security Alert Messaging Video for Airport Kiosks

Planned Security Alert Messaging video promotion for Rich Multimedia Technologies Kiosks at the airports.
March 9, 2018

American Security Today

Over the past week we have been promoting our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) solution to a variety of publications and sites in both Canada and the US.
March 7, 2018

Update on Orange County ‘Active Shooter’ Meeting

As announced on March 2, our reseller Rich Multimedia Technologies had been invited to present to the Orange County Department of Education and Orange Unified School District at a security information session entitled "Active Shooter Response Presentation for Parents".  This was a session that included a panel discussion with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the Anaheim Police, parents and teachers.

 As a result of RMT's presentation it was requested and agreed that separate meetings would be held between RMT and each separate group (the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the Anaheim Police, parents and teachers) for more in-depth discussions with each group.  These one-on-one meetings have been scheduled to start next Tuesday (March 13).

 Orange County and Orange Unified School Districts have approximately 40,000 students enrolled.

March 6, 2018

iSIGN Promotional Advertising in Airports

iSIGN advertisements designed to promote our Smart Antenna hardware and SAM technology are currently being broadcasted from RMT's Kiosks located at Denver International, Palm Springs and John Wayne airports to business and general public travelers.  The messages are also being displayed on RMT's phone Kiosk screens. 

Both RMT and iSIGN agreed that having messages broadcast directly from an on-site installation was the best way of displaying our abilities and promoting our technology to potential clients.

Click anywhere on this page to see the advertisements.
March 5, 2018

Correction of the Name Mt. Vernon School District

During a conversation with our contacts at Mt. Vernon Middle School concerning the up-coming demonstration in their school, they requested that we use Mt. Vernon (not Mount Vernon) School District, in all future releases and Priority Posts from today onward. 
March 2, 2018

Additonal Update on Security Alert Messaging and Schools

The Orange County Department of Education and Orange Unified School District have scheduled a security information session entitled "Active Shooter Response Presentation for Parents", to be held on March 6. This meeting includes a panel discussion with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Anaheim Police with parents and teachers.

 Rich Multimedia Technologies has been invited to this event to present and discuss our Security Alert Messaging (SAM). As was stated to us “There is huge pressure from parents and teachers to be proactive to avoid and/or deal with a school shooting.”

 Orange County and Orange Unified School Districts have approximately 40,000 students enrolled.

March 2, 2018

Presentation to Department of Homeland Security

iSIGN and our reseller Rich Multimedia Technologies have been asked to put together a formal proposal for our Security Alert Messaging (SAM) solution as it pertains to airports, for delivery to a senior upper-level DHS executive. The presentation is currently being worked on and once completed to the satisfaction of all involved with its preparation, will be delivered electronically.  It will then be presented in person at meetings to be held in Washington D.C., with the date to be determined once the material is delivered.

 Presentation of SAM to airports started in June 2017. The introduction process continued and expanded, with meetings held in late October 2017 at Denver, Colorado with airport management and mid-level TSA/DHS staffers that included a presentation and demonstration of SAM’s capabilities. While the process has been lengthy, we believe the end result will be beneficial to all.

 The DHS controls the federal budget for Safety and Security investments including all Transportation Security Administration operations and technology at all airports in the United States.

February 28, 2018

New School Security Alert System Unveiled by iSIGN

In light of the recent string of school shootings in the United States, school security is becoming increasing more of an issue with school boards. Discussions have been finalized with school officials and Safety Coordinators of a school district in Indiana and iSIGN will be demonstrating the effectiveness of their SAM system to them. The demonstration, scheduled for the week of March 5th, will be conducted in the Mt. Vernon Middle School, in Fortville, Indiana and will showcase the solution’s ability to rapidly alert students and faculty to a wide range of emergency situations such as an active shooter, intruder on the premises, or natural event. This pioneering solution is the first of it’s kind to not only rapidly alert students and faculty, but also give clear instructions on the quickest and safest method of avoiding the threat. While SAM aids in evacuating the premises, it can also alert police, EMT services, fire departments and other first responders depending on the nature of the emergency.

While SAM has already being introduced in locations in North, Central and South America, the demonstration in Mt. Vernon Middle School will serve as the first concentrated effort to utilize the mobile alert solution as a way of minimizing the deadliness of an active shooter and other threats. SAM merges both rapid mobile alerts with digital signage and proximity messaging, maximizing the chance that in the case of an emergency, students and faculty receive real-time information on the emergency and the best way of safely evacuating the premises. The solution can be integrated with existing alarms and other security measures to ensure that authorities arrive, and school attendees evacuate in as little time as possible.

While serving a core purpose in emergency situations, SAM can also be utilized for day-to-day interactions with teachers and students. By distributing standard messages and announcements as well as aiding in practice procedures such as fire drills, SAM will be utilized often and not just during emergency situations. This ensures that faculty and students have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the system and that the full capabilities of the SAM solution will still be fully utilized by the school. This also serves as a running status test to ensure there are no undiscovered outages, such as an alarm system that fails to function when needed because it has not been tested regularly.

This demonstration marks the beginning of iSIGN's involvement in school and workplace safety, as it continues to expand SAM’s presence in areas such as airports, businesses, shopping malls, government offices, sports stadiums, concert halls and places of worship. The genius of SAM lies in its ability to work as an effective emergency solution as well as serving as an effective day-to-day mobile alert system that can maximize its utility as a product. Additionally, discounts negotiated with insurance carriers by users of the SAM solution will reduce their costs. With school and safety officials well versed with the solution and its myriad applications, plans for expansions within the Mt. Vernon School District, as well as many other school boards across the country are already underway. This solution is intended to work with existing emergency response policies and systems, thereby enhancing the security of locations in concert with their existing safety measures. This is what makes SAM both a turnkey and a completely scalable solution.

The Mt. Vernon School District has six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, allowing the solution to be expanded in a variety of environments and building layouts. This ensures that the product is accessible to students of all ages and needs and can broadcast alerts to both students with and without a cellular device.

Once completed, this installation will serve as a model for all other public locations with safety concerns.

January 24, 2018

Update on Key Channel Progess

With the trials in Walmart stores located in Mexico confirmed, Rich Multimedia Technologies has ordered an additional 200 Smart Antennas - 600 Smart Antennas now ordered.  Once the trials are completed at the selected Walmart test locations, the opportunity will exist for further expansion into Walmart's 2,339 Mexican stores.

Installation of an initial 100 Smart Antennas into the Mexico City bus lines will be undertaken for commercial messaging by the bus line's advertising agency, to extend their advertising reach as well as to capture public response data.

Sal Haro, RMT's Chief Executive Officer, states "RMT Mexico is continuing to complete negotiations with demonstrations of Smart Antennas to retailers, casinos, hotels and airports, as well as to a Mexican political party seeking to promote their candidates in advance of a June 2018 national election."  Additionally, Mr. Haro reported that "Our mobile payment partner in RMT Mexico is working to integrate iSIGN's Smart Antennas and technology into their established mobile payment network."

Discussions for iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging (SAM) continue with airport security and technical staff.

Presently, iSIGN is preparing its Smart Antennas for shipment to RMT  for its airport and Mexican requirements.