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Our Business

Our Business

iSIGN Media Corp.’s patent pending Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS 3.1) provides businesses with an effective and easy to use content delivery vehicle combined with real time data capturing to provide the perfect business intelligence tool. Our complete IMS offering including our patent pending software and smart antenna makes location based interactive proximity advertising to mobile devices measurable, accountable, flexible and affordable.

How it Works


  • The customer enters the broadcasting range (1 to 300 feet)of the Interactive Media Solutions (IMS) Unit or “Digital Greeter”
  • The IMS unit asks if he/she wants to receive a message, coupon, special offer or information

Interact & Transact

  • The customer agrees and receives the multi-lingual, media rich and secure message in the form of coupons, ads, video or music at no cost to the consumer
  • The IMS unit transmits via Bluetooth® . iPhones receive messages via Wi-Fi. SMS integration also available


  • The customer is enticed by the call-to-action and carries out the desired action
  • Behind that scenes the interaction data is logged and can be analyzed providing “Shopper Insight”