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Our Business

Market Opportunity

The worldwide proliferation of cell phones, smartphones and mobile electronic devices as well as digital signs has underscored the case that iSIGN's Interactive Marketing Solution offers a compelling platform to reach consumers.  In addition, the mobile electronic devices and smart phones are consistent around the world giving the iSIGN solution the ability to become a universal platform.

  • 6.1 billion cell phones NOW outnumber PC’s and TV’s
  • Smartphones are 50% of the above number and growing
  • Ability to offer rich media content
  • Over 8 billion digital signs worldwide NOW
  • Over 2 trillion dollars spent in North American retail
  • Over 1 trillion dollars spent on all forms of advertising
  • Advertising is migrating from traditional channels to mobile devices at a rate of 5% of spend per year
  • Everyone is with or within reach of a mobile phone 24 hours a day
  • 4 hours per day spent by the average mobile user on their mobile device
  • Over 38% of all advertisers and brands now demand metrics to measure ROI