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Priority Posts

Priority Posts

Priority Posts is a page for iSIGN to share important news, updates and articles with our clients, investors, shareholders and the public. Check back often for the most recent posts.

iSIGN Resellers Maintaining Pace to Close Several Key Initiatives

iSIGN Resellers Maintaining Pace to Close Several Key Initiatives

iSIGN is working continuously with its resellers to assist them to help bring all ongoing negotiations and regulatory procedures to their earliest close, to mutually benefit from the resulting revenue streams.  The image on this post is a sample of the mobile phone content for one of the major Mexican bus lines and you can click anywhere on this post to see the full image.

It is our belief that the recent market activity and increased share prices reflects a confidence that contracts and revenues are close.

Airports on High Alert

Rich Multimedia Technologies has stated the US media is reporting that stress levels of travelers this Thanksgiving is higher than in past years and is attributing it to ongoing concerns and worries relating to safety and security at airports and other transportation centres.  Further, it is being stated that travelers' worries relating to travel and security is expected to continue through to and beyond this Christmas season.

According to RMT, these increased stress levels, combined with incidents such as the recent Orlando situation where a camera battery exploded inside a traveler's luggage, is generating increased interest in our Smart Antennas and SAM technology from airports in the US.

Click anywhere on this post to see the newspaper article concerning the Orlando airport incident.
Security Alert Messaging Website Update

Security Alert Messaging Website Update

We have added a new page to the 'Our Business' tab of our website - a page devoted exclusively to Security Alert Messaging ("SAM").  This page provides more in-depth information on our SAM technology, including: features; integration with digital signage; and rebranding and customization.   

Airport Security Proposal Update

Further to yesterday's Priority Post, we are passing along a comment that we just received from our reseller, Rich Multimedia Technologies:

Gentlemen, we are very pleased and encouraged to report that our current negotiations with our In-Airport partnership groups on behalf of iSIGN Media for both your 'SAM' safety and security messaging and commercial mobile commerce solutions are on a very positive track.

In addition, we are also extremely encouraged to report that our discussions and presentations to a global leader S&P 100 company, in the ownership of premier shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed use destinations across North America, Europe and Asia are also progressing nicely.  Their locations provide community gathering places for millions of mobile consumers on the go every day and generate billions in annual sales. 

Thank you for all your incredible support and stay tuned for more on these projects very soon.

Airport Security Proposal Update

Following the October 26 meeting between iSIGN and Rich Multimedia Technologies ("RMT") with safety and security representatives and operations management of Denver International Airport ("DEN"), a written proposal was requested and delivered to airport management.  This proposal outlines the security features and benefits of iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") and Smart Antenna network for consideration of final integration and performance with digital signage networks and existing security alarms.  The comprehensive proposal was delivered late last week and is currently under review by the safety and security executives at DEN.

The proposal also outlines the benefits to airports of the SAM technology, as well as to the airport employees and travelers; the responsibilities of the various partners in the proposal and outlines various possible monetization structures for the SAM and Smart Antenna network.

Under the terms of this proposal, RMT and their business partner who service and maintain the digital signage networks and other communication and electronic systems at DEN, will provide support, maintenance and servicing of the networks, including the Smart Antennas.  iSIGN will support the management of the SAM and Smart Antenna networks, ensuring the reliability of the system.

As security is the first priority at DEN, their objective in this review process is for the airport to select the features and performance of SAM technology and Smart Antennas.  The second step of this review is for the commercial messaging monetization and resulting potential for commercial tenants and the convenience of the airport travelers.

Further and additional updates will be posted as available.

Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") Meeting in Denver

Since mid June, iSIGN and its reseller Rich Multimedia Technologies ("RMT") have been in discussions with security representatives from Washington DC to introduce and show our Smart Antenna and SAM mobile device security alert solution.

After months of introductions, demonstrations and actual trials in three airports to prove network connectivity and demonstrate data collection/metrics, a meeting was arranged with various top-level security representatives at Denver International Airport ("DIA") on October 26, 2017.  The nine hour meeting included representatives of iSIGN, RMT, another of RMT's business partners who service and maintain the Clear Channel and Clear Vision networks at DIA as well as the various communication and digital systems at the airport; management and security representatives of DIA and security representatives of other agencies.  The purpose of the meeting was to more fully discuss and demonstrate Smart Antenna and SAM technology and solutions with the intent of DIA being the first airport installed with iSIGN technology to provide a safety and security network that can be expanded to the other 300 plus major airports in the US.

Our hardware and technology were very well received.  All parties recognized that as our system can be integrated with existing alarm and loudspeaker systems and digital signage networks it would result in making an already safe airport safer.  Discussions included the required registration of the over 20,000 employees and millions of ticket buyers and visitors to the airport and related registration fees.

DIA is the sixth largest and busiest airport in the US and is number 10 worldwide.  Currently it handles over 60 million passengers and employs in excess of 20,000 people in their five terminals.  In fact, it is a small city that covers approximately 54 square miles and houses many major and regional hotels, retail shops and restaurants, with rail, bus and private transportation as well as private aircraft facilities.  DIA is also a designated homeland security location due to its proximity to US government bunkers and communication facilities located in the nearby Colorado mountains.

The trials at RMT's three existing airports over the past several months and their related metrics have resulted in the opening up of various opportunities and trials at installations in both other airport and non-airport sites, in the US and Mexico.

Click anywhere on this post for pictures of DIA and the message that was delivered by our SAM solution.

iSIGN Announces Completion of Security Alert Messaging Solution

iSIGN Announces Completion of Security Alert Messaging Solution

iSIGN has completed the development of its Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") solution.

The SAM system has been enhanced by the addition of Android and Apple apps which allows individuals, groups, corporate, military, and security channels to access and register on SAM globally, from any place and location.

Currently, SAM has been introduced and is being presented to airports, major malls, property management companies, as well as Homeland Security and various other government agencies in the United States.  Additionally, SAM is being introduced and demonstrated to major enterprises, transit systems and airports in Mexico and South America.

SAM is a one-of-a-kind global solution that integrates with iSIGN's Smart Antenna as well as with digital signage networks, enabling both commercial and public safety and security messaging.

The following is the Google Play Store link for the Android app:

The following is the Google Play Store link for the Apple app:

Airport Update

iSIGN's Smart Antennas are installed in various locations throughout Denver International, Palm Springs and Orange County (John Wayne) airport.  As previously reported, the resulting metrics have been impressive.  RMT is using these metrics to promote our Smart Antennas to a variety of multi-national advertisers, for use at airport locations and elsewhere.

RMT's current content partner is reviewing the metrics and discussing the best approach to capitalize on the concentration and timing of traffic flows discovered by the Smart Antenna network.

RMT continues to promote our Security Alert Messaging solution to their airport contacts, as well as to their technology partners.

Crocker Park Installations

These are photos of ongoing installations of the initial 100 Smart Antennas on Crocker Park roof-tops, as supplied by WBA.  The wall mounted box below our Smart Antennas is to house the power unit and cabling.  The pole mounted devices in the fore-ground of these phots are ancillary devices to provide cellular phone boosters and repeaters; radio communication links and background music broadcast receivers.

Click anywhere on this post to see the photos.

Smart Antenna Installation Underway at Crocker Park

Smart Antenna installations are currently underway at Crocker Park.  Messaging and the resulting metrics could be available as early as tomorrow.