The Smart Antenna is an all-in-one Bluetooth & Wi-Fi transceiver that operates independently - without the need for a mobile app!

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow the Smart Antenna to communicate with mobile devices in a direct, free, and measurable way. This gives broadcasters access to large amounts of data and information at no cost to the consumer.

Getting Started

The Smart Antenna device can be either powered via a battery with a wireless Internet connection or via a 1m -100m POE cable (Power Over Ethernet) with an internet connection through a modem or router. To further simplify installation, the Smart Antenna is capable of outdoor all-weather use. The Smart Antenna identifies and interactively communicate with mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) within 300 ft (100 meters).

When a customer enters the broadcasting range (30ft - 300ft, or 10m - 100m), the Smart Antenna (SA) unit will ping the customer's mobile device asking if the customer wants to receive messages, including special discount offers or other information. Our technology also collects anonymous metrics for analytics using the Smart Antenna Bluetooth & Wi-Fi transceiver, without infringing on the customer’s privacy.

How iSIGN's Smart Antenna Works

When a customer enters the broadcasting range (30ft - 300ft, or 10m - 100m), the Smart Antenna (SA) unit will ping the customer's mobile device, asking if the customer wants to receive messages, including special discount offers or other information.

  • The customer must opt IN or OUT.
  • If the customer chooses to opt-in, they will receive a multi-lingual, media-rich and secure message in the form of coupons, ads, videos or music at no cost to the consumer.
  • If the customer opts-out, they will not be pinged with a second attempt for that offer.
  • In both cases, an impression is recorded anonymously.

iSIGN’s proprietary Smart Antenna supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connections are initiated by consumers. They connect to the Smart Antenna as an open web Access Point (AP) where they can launch their mobile device's internet web browser. After connecting, there is an initial landing page where the consumer can select the exact content they want.

The customer is enticed by the call-to-action and carries out the desired action.

Behind the scenes, Bluetooth discoveries and interaction data are logged, along with Wi-Fi connection and interaction data. This data is then presented within reports as raw data for gaining valuable marketing information and “Shopper insights” and preferences that become predictive and increase return on investment (ROI).

What it Does

iSIGN’s solution runs standalone of integrates with signage networks, kiosks, and point of sale devices to interact with mobile devices providing rich media content and allowing for the collection of anonymous consumer data for analysis and measurement.

This solution:

  • Respects individual privacy, by messaging Machine to Machine (M2M) via the mobile device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC addresses.
  • Is absolutely free and requires no cell carrier (carrier agnostic).
  • Captures discovery, connection and interaction history for mobile devices.
  • Content is relevant – proximity-based push to all mobile devices.
  • Complements Digital Signage, our patented software utilizes the same hardware supporting the sign to transmit Bluetooth messages (in any language) to draw consumers into a store, or up to a sign. The Smart Antenna communicates with Digital Signage, Kiosks and other systems in real-time, delivering measurement and accountability to Digital Signage networks.
  • Cost effective advertising with real-time metrics.
  • This data can be analyzed and or coupled with loyalty account information to create ongoing uncompromised targeted campaigns to increase ROI.
  • Customized back-end analytics dashboard for clients.

Smart Antenna Benefits

iSIGN advertising is relevant proximity advertising. Research shows that consumers receiving an ad within proximity to a retailer are up to 74% more likely to act on the ad. This is attributed to the fact that very little user work is required to act upon the impulse to purchase what the ad supports.

Other important benefits include:

  • No mobile app required!
  • Polling - Get consumer feedback on products in real-time.
  • Product details and menu boards - Give users the ability to view detailed product info. Info can include menu boards that users can interact with to order product.
  • Wayfinding - Discover user location via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and provide real-time directions for their location to a destination within a map.
  • Loyalty Programs Track loyalty members using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to provide targeted advertising based on location history or member-selected categories.

The Bottom Line

  • The cost of engaging a consumer at any time is $.03 or less, which is significantly lower than print.
  • Smart Antenna is easy to implement, rebrand, and use.
  • It is FREE to the consumer.
  • Can be a source of significant revenue for the retailer.
  • The system requires no capital to implement.
  • See real-time data, analyze results immediately, and adjust ads quickly.
  • Unlike billboard advertising, the consumer is already in the store and ready to make a purchase.
  • Allows advertising agencies to differentiate themselves - the better the content, the greater the participation!