Proximity Beacon Transmission


Smart PODs are specialized mobile beacon hardware that simultaneously transmit using Apple iBeacon and Google proximity beacon to reach the greatest variety of devices.

Our technology allows for anonymous metrics to be collected for analytics, without infringing on a customer’s privacy. Users control the ID used by the messaging system (i.e. Apple ID for Advertising or IDFA and Android Advertising ID or AAID can both be reset by users whenever they want).

Both legacy Google Analytics and the newer Google Analytics for Firebase are supported. This new standard also couples app metrics with the other permitted user metrics location, age group, gender, etc.

With Smart PODs, no internet or power is required. Smart PODs run indoor or outdoor and use batteries that last over 4 years.

How iSIGN's Smart PODs Work

When a customer enters the broadcasting range (up to 250 feet, 85 meters), the Smart POD unit will ping the customer's mobile device, asking if the customer wants to receive messages, including special discount offers or other information.

Beacon signals are leveraged to automatically display Apple Wallet coupons, launch or install apps, or display online content within Smartphones of opted-in users. This draws consumers to stores, increases foot traffic and sales, and can deliver security alerts whenever needed.

  • Smart PODs simultaneously transmit using Apple iBeacon and Google proximity beacon to reach the greatest variety of mobile devices.
  • The customer must opt IN or OUT.
  • If the customer chooses to opt in they will receive a multi-lingual, media-rich and secure message in the form of coupons, ads, video or music at no cost to the consumer.
  • Scheduled messaging is supported for sending advertising or other messaging to all devices regardless of location. For example, send a message to all phones late on a Friday afternoon reminding them of special discount pricing for that weekend.
  • The customer is enticed by the call-to-action and carries out the desired action.
  • If the customer opts out they will not be pinged with a second attempt for the offer.

Smart Pod Benefits

Why waste money on print or other forms of traditional marketing that provide no honest measurement of consumer impressions? Marketing research shows that measurable proximity marketing technologies provide the highest rate of return for advertisers. Consumers are far more likely to act on a promotion when it is within walking distance - which can be done with Smart PODs by iSIGN.

  • Runs Anywhere - Solid state waterproof design with enterprise grade enclosure supporting extended operating temperatures.
  • Easy Install - No power or internet connection required. Use screws or adhesives to secure the Smart POD.
  • Long Range - Mount above crowds to increase transmission distance.
  • Easily Configured - Configure advertising on Smart PODs from anywhere using a web browser to access the master dashboard.
  • Respects User Privacy - Users must opt in and authorize any use of personal info.
  • Comprehensive - Supports app screen launch, webpage launch, or wallet coupon display when consumers come into Smart POD proximity or whenever a scheduled event occurs.
  • White-label Capability - Operators can use iSIGN’s SAM background app, or partner app, or rebrand it according to their specific needs.